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Always drive safely when you’re sharing the road with semitrucks

Driving near a semitruck on the road is something that many children enjoy. However, allowing this to happen for a prolonged period could put everyone in your vehicle at an increased risk of being involved in a crash. Around 5,000 fatalities, 140,000 serious injuries, and approximately 450,000 crashes every year involve these very large vehicles.

On average, a car weighs under 3,000 pounds, but a fully loaded semitruck can weigh over 80,000 pounds. The passenger vehicles are much smaller with an average length of around 15 feet while semitrucks are about 80 feet long.

For anyone who is driving around semitrucks, being able to do so safely is imperative. There are several tips you can use that should help to you get to your destination without any incidents.

  • Remember to keep a safe distance between yourself and the semitruck. This should allow them time to stop and might make it easier for them to see you.
  • Stay out of the blind spots. The truckers can’t see your vehicle when you’re driving in a blind spot, so they might turn in to you or try to switch lanes when you’re there.
  • Use common sense and follow traffic laws. This means that you remain alert while you drive. Use your turn signal and look at all lanes if you need to pass the semitruck.

Of course, you can be struck by a semitruck even if you’re driving safely. If this occurs, make sure everyone in your vehicle gets medical care even if you don’t think they had an injury. Victims of these crashes can seek compensation from the liable parties to cover expenses and other damages.

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