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Driver error causes the majority of tanker truck crashes

People who travel on the highways in this area have probably seen large tanker trucks. Many drivers don’t think anything about sharing the road with these trucks, but there are times when them can cause wrecks that seriously injure or kill motorists.

One of the issues that can lead to wrecks with these large vehicles is that the contents of the tanker can slosh around, which can cause the tanker to become unstable. This can lead to the trucker losing control of the rig.

Technology can help to prevent this from happening, but it won’t prevent driver errors from leading to crashes. In around 80% of cases, driver error is what led to the crash.

These errors include things like driving too fast for the current conditions, failing to adjust the speed for the terrain and taking curves too quickly. The truckers who operate these rigs have to remember that the speed limits on most roads are for passenger vehicles. Even semitruck speed limits don’t take the sloshing of liquid cargo into account, so they still need to adjust their speed accordingly to prevent unnecessary crashes.

It takes skilled truck drivers to safely operate these vehicles, but even the most skilled driver may be involved in a crash. If you’re the victim of a crash with a tanker truck, you may choose to seek compensation for the financial impacts of the crash. This can include things like wages you lost because of time you missed working and the cost of the medical care you needed to treat the injuries you suffered in the crash.

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