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What are the dangers associated with cervical neck manipulation?

Medical malpractice happens in all fields of medicine. A chiropractor is one of many different doctors who make mistakes that can leave you in a worse state than when you first went in to see them. One of the more injury-inducing adjustments that a chiropractor may perform is a cervical neck manipulation procedure. It can potentially cause damage to an artery, an injury that can easily cause a stroke.

Having a stroke due to high-velocity neck manipulation or a neck adjustment is rare, but it can happen. A chiropractic manual adjustment is supposed to restore a normal range of motion and flexibility in the joint, but it can result in vertebral artery dissection in some rare instances.

The vertebral artery is located in the back of the neck and is one of the four primary arteries responsible for supplying blood to the brain. When a tear in the artery occurs, it can cause a blood clot. If the blood clot breaks off, then it can cause a stroke. This occurrence often happens due to the artery walls becoming more narrow, restricting blood flow to the brain.

Incidents of vertebral artery dissections typically occur when there’s blunt force trauma, such as in an automobile accident or after someone takes part in high impact sports or rides on a roller coaster. Incidents like these can also happen after an individual goes to see a chiropractor, though. Individuals who are already suffering from neck pain may be more vulnerable to aggressive or improper neck manipulation.

If a Louisiana chiropractor’s performance of a cervical neck manipulation on you has resulted in you suffering a stroke, then you may be entitled to monetary damages. The amount that you’re entitled to may vary depending on numerous factors, including how permanent your symptoms are and insurance coverage caps. Your attorney can review the details surrounding your injury and advise you of the legal options that you can pursue in your Baton Rouge case.

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