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What are the most common causes of vehicle crashes?

Motor vehicle crashes happen every day. Some types of accidents occur more frequently than others. National Safety Council (NSC) data shows that over 40% of motor vehicle deaths result from a collision between two motor vehicles. Those same statistics show that over one-quarter of vehicular fatalities occur by a car colliding with a fixed object. Vehicles barreling into pedestrians is the third most common cause of traffic fatalities, followed by a non-collision like a rollover.

NSC data shows that nearly 80% of all injuries result from two vehicles crashing into one another. Single-vehicle crashes, such as colliding with fixed objects, pedestrians, and rollovers, tend to result in a higher number of fatalities than less severe accidents. Angle collisions tend to be more deadly than head-on, rear-end and sideswipe crashes.

The roadways are no place for distractions, fatigue or poorly maintained vehicles. Those are, unfortunately, the type of risks that drivers must contend with every day, however. Every time you go out on the road, your life is at risk of irreparably changing forever. Vehicles can’t withstand high-impact collisions. Even at low speeds, significant damage can occur to an automobile.

Accident avoidance is the best measure against potential bodily harm and vehicle damage. You must always watch out for other drivers on the road, including using extreme caution when you see a vehicle being driven erratically or become aware of an older car that appears to be in disrepair.

If you’ve had a car accident that’s left you injured, you may be entitled to monetary damages. The amount of financial compensation that you may qualify for may depend on the severity of your injuries, the circumstances of the accident and applicable Louisiana state law. An attorney will want to know more about what led up to your Baton Rouge crash before advising you of the best course of action to take in your case.

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