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August 2020 Archives

Are all senior citizens unsafe drivers?

Some people think that senior citizens who drive are putting others on the road at risk. They assume that these individuals aren't as safe because they might drive a little slower and not take as many risks. The fact is that age has nothing to do with how safe someone operates a vehicle.

What type of packaging errors result in drug recalls?

When many individuals hear about drug recalls, they immediately default to the thought of potential contamination, the discovery of new side effects or some actual problem with the prescription or over-the-counter medication itself. People seldom think about how the design or marketing of a product may lead to a recall. There are many instances in which drug manufacturers or federal officials recall these products due to ineffective packaging.

Drinking makes concentration and thinking difficult

Drinking alcohol has a drastic impact on your body, and it happens in a very short time. The initial buzz can actually feel invigorating. You may feel more social or like you have more energy. People often continue to drink because they think they can get back a buzz that they have lost or make that buzz better.

What problems should you look for at your loved one's group home?

Group homes are communal living facilities that aim to provide adults with disabilities with living skills to take care of themselves more effectively. Residents in these homes may either have mental or physical impairments. Regulators expect individuals who operate these homes to make sure that they're safe and comfortable. They assume that residents will receive the support they need to care for their basic needs. However, not all facilities or staff members that don't live up to those expectations.

Will turning on your headlights help prevent an accident?

People often try to think about all the different things they can do to reduce the odds of getting in a traffic accident. They buy cars with backup cameras and blind spot monitors. They increase their following distances and always obey the speed limit. They avoid driving on the weekends, when DUI crashes are more common.

What's more dangerous: drunk or distracted driving?

In today's day and age, it may be difficult to tell a drunk from a distracted driver. Both drive very erratically at times. The drunk motorist operates their vehicle while intoxicated by either drugs or alcohol. The distracted one drives while under the influence of overstimulation from music, eating, cellphone use, texting, conversations, shaving, getting dressed or doing their hair or makeup. As you might imagine, both intoxication and distractions can result in poor outcomes for motorists.

Can you sue a manufacturer for a drug addiction?

Being addicted, overdosing or even dying from drug abuse isn't necessarily your fault. The pharmaceutical industry is a multibillion-dollar business. Both doctors and drug manufacturers are all about making money in one form or another from selling consumers prescription drugs.

Why is the time-out process so critical?

Medical errors can happen at any time. Doctors and scientists have long been working to come up with techniques or measures to minimize the risk of mistakes as much as they can. One such technique that has gained popularity in recent years is the time-out method. Those in the medical community developed this approach to help doctors reduce their chances of operating on the wrong patient or body part or performing an incorrect procedure on them.

Hit-and-run accidents often involve alcohol or drugs

Hit-and-run accidents happen all the time in the United States, and one of the biggest questions that researchers have is simple: Why? Why do people who know they should stay at the scene of the crash, still decide to leave? Why do they risk it even though it's a crime and they are only making the situation worse for themselves once they're caught?

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