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Drinking makes concentration and thinking difficult

Drinking alcohol has a drastic impact on your body, and it happens in a very short time. The initial buzz can actually feel invigorating. You may feel more social or like you have more energy. People often continue to drink because they think they can get back a buzz that they have lost or make that buzz better.

What really happens, experts warn, is that the depressant side of alcohol kicks in. People start to become sluggish and confused. The fun buzz disappears and will not return. Their judgment becomes impaired and they do things they would not do if they were sober.

One of the big issues is that concentration becomes difficult and your very ability to think and process information is diminished the more that you drink. It’s harder to pay attention to the details around you and you’re less able to absorb those details or consider what they mean.

This is when drunk driving gets very dangerous. A drunk driver may miss things like stop signs, red lights or brake lights indicating a traffic jam ahead. Even if they see the signs, they may not fully understand what they mean. And, even in cases where they still understand what is happening, their slowed reaction times may make it impossible to react and avoid a crash.

You may know that drinking and driving aren’t a wise combo and fully understand the affect alcohol has on your abilities. Unfortunately, you still have to share the road with drunk drivers, probably more often than you realize. If one of them causes an accident, be sure you know what legal options you have to obtain fair compensation for your injuries and losses.

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