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What problems should you look for at your loved one’s group home?

Group homes are communal living facilities that aim to provide adults with disabilities with living skills to take care of themselves more effectively. Residents in these homes may either have mental or physical impairments. Regulators expect individuals who operate these homes to make sure that they’re safe and comfortable. They assume that residents will receive the support they need to care for their basic needs. However, not all facilities or staff members that don’t live up to those expectations.

Group homes must obtain a license to operate within their state borders legally. These residences must pass stringent operational guidelines and regulations and comply with state regulations. These facilities are subject to periodic inspections to ensure that they remain in compliance with all existing ordinances. A lawfully licensed group home should be able to provide proof of previous uneventful state inspections if you request such information. If they can’t, then this may be quite concerning.

An ideal group home should provide residents with a living environment that is both mentally and physically tranquil. Owners of group homes shouldn’t tolerate bullying, whether it comes from other residents or staff. They should be quick to stop it if it occurs.

You may want to consider visiting a group home on multiple occasions at both announced and unannounced times to see how the staff interacts with your loved one and how well kept the facilities are.

Group home employees should encourage residents to live as independently as possible, yet be trained to step in and provide support dependent upon a resident’s unique emotional, intellectual and physical needs. The staff at the group home should follow through to ensure that residents receive both routine and specialty medical care.

As for the facility itself, the group home should be well lit. Fire extinguishers, door alarms and exits should all be easily accessible and marked. These facilities should have an evacuation plan in place to implement in case of an emergency.

It’s the responsibility of the group home’s ownership to make sure that they account for their residents’ needs. It should raise the alarm if it looks like the staff has neglected your loved one’s health and hygiene. You should consult with a medical malpractice attorney to learn about any potential legal remedies you can pursue under Louisiana law if your loved one has received substandard care at their Baton Rouge group home.

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