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Will turning on your headlights help prevent an accident?

People often try to think about all the different things they can do to reduce the odds of getting in a traffic accident. They buy cars with backup cameras and blind spot monitors. They increase their following distances and always obey the speed limit. They avoid driving on the weekends, when DUI crashes are more common.

But what if there was one simple thing you can do to lower your accident odds with the flip of a switch? As it turns out, there is. All you need to do is turn on your lights.

Even when driving during the day, having your lights on has been shown to decrease the odds of a crash. Even just using your daytime running lights can make it 11% less likely that you’ll crash, and those aren’t as bright as your headlights.

The issue is visibility. Having the lights on changes nothing regarding what you can see, of course, which is why many people don’t realize how helpful it is. However, having your lights on changes how easy it is for other drivers to see your car. If you have your lights on, even it’s already bright out, you still stand out more to other drivers — as well as to pedestrians, cyclists and anyone else on or near the road.

The next time you drive, take a second to flip on your lights. It could change everything.

Unfortunately, accidents can and do still happen, even to drivers who practice safety. If you get injured, you may need compensation for your medical bills and other costs.

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