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Woman killed in Ascension Parish car accident

We all know that the roads and highways in our state can be dangerous, especially as our city has become a major shipping artery. However, we often forget that not all car accidents are simple fender benders. Indeed, a recent accident last Friday demonstrated that, sometimes, car accidents can be deadly.

The fatal motor vehicle accident

Louisiana State Police’s preliminary investigation alleges that a small sedan, driven by the Geismar woman, was traveling southbound on LA Highway 431. Concurrently, a pickup was traveling northbound. For still unknown reasons, the sedan left their lane and entered the northbound lane, striking the pickup, and then careened down an embankment just off the highway.

The crash mangled both vehicles, and the sedan driver died at the scene, even though she was wearing her seat belt. Luckily, the pickup driver only sustained minor injuries.

According to the LSP, this fatal motor vehicle accident, which killed a Geismar woman, occurred on Oct. 23 in Ascension Parish near Valentine Road at LA Highway 431. Just after 6:30 p.m. Friday, LSP reported the two-vehicle crash.

Currently, neither driver is suspected of being intoxicated, but the car accident remains under investigation. The pickup driver’s breath sample indicated no signs of impairment, and the toxicology sample from the sedan driver is still pending. As this accident is still under investigation, any witnesses or those with dashboard camera footage are encouraged to call LSP immediately.

Safety reminders

LSP took this time to remind Louisiana citizens of the importance of safe driving habits. They said that lack of restraint, carelessness, distractions and impairments continue to cause preventable roadway collisions. These are important words that we should all remember.

Nonetheless, we do not know what caused this accident. Negligence, roadway debris, weather, etc. are all possible causes. But, for those injured in a Baton Rouge, Louisiana, they should contact an attorney immediately to discuss their options. The law allows victims to recover for their damages and pain and suffering.

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