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Declining vision can make drivers unsafe

Declining vision is often associated with aging, but it can also be the result of injuries and various diseases. No matter why it happens, though, it can have a massive impact on someone’s ability to drive safely. Since the decline may be slow, people often do not stop driving when they should.

Different types of vision loss

Vision loss is not always the same, and it can affect drivers in very different ways. A few examples include:

  • Struggling with light sensitivity and seeing too much glare from other headlights.
  • Losing peripheral vision, even when center vision is still strong.
  • Struggling to read road signs. Even something as simple as reading a speed limit sign incorrectly can cause an accident.
  • Having trouble making out specific colors, such as the color of a stoplight or a blinker light.
  • Dealing with dark spots that seem to “float” in front of your eye, blocking your vision.
  • Seeing fine during the day but then having a lot of trouble seeing at night.

Some people may deal with numerous issues at once. Some are correctable with glasses, contacts or surgery. Others are not. Remember, it only takes a split second or a tiny miscalculation to cause an accident at high speeds. A little vision loss is enough to be dangerous.

Seeking compensation

Have you been hit by a driver who should never have been behind the wheel in their condition? If you suffered serious injuries in that wreck that they caused due to their visual difficulties, make sure you know exactly how you can seek proper financial compensation.

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