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Distracted driving still a major reason for auto accidents

There are many dangers for drivers, passengers, bicyclists and pedestrians to be aware of when on the Baton Rouge roads. In recent years, one of the most commonly cited has been distracted drivers. While this is a known issue with lawmakers and law enforcement trying various tactics to reduce its frequency, it still happens to a troubling degree. A recent study indicates that statistics may downplay the number of distracted driving crashes that occur. This could be a fundamental part of a legal filing for compensation.

Dangers of distracted driving highlighted in new study

According to Cambridge Mobile Telematics (CMT), drivers are increasingly distracted by their phones when behind the wheel. The researchers analyzed 54 million road trips from 2019. In those, 37% had a driver who was distracted for 20 seconds or more because of a phone. It was 41% during the day. Insurance claims were also assessed. In those, 19% of accidents were linked to a driver who was distracted by a cellphone. State and national organizations reported far fewer distracted driving collisions.

It can be difficult to know when distraction was a factor in an auto accident. This accounts for the discrepancy. Also, some states do not even have distraction listed as a potential reason the accident occurred. There are other ways in which drivers can be distracted besides cellphones, but CMT says that 68% of distractions are related to phones whether it is calling, texting, using navigation apps, social media or videos. Even after the driver has stopped looking at the device, there are 10 seconds in which there is a “distraction hangover,” adding to the risk. By 2025, there are expected to be 4,000 deaths due to phone-related distractions behind the wheel. In addition, there will be a half-million cellphone-related collisions.

Having legal assistance can help after a distracted driving crash

People who are injured in an auto accident should consider the cause. This might be imperative to a successful legal filing. The investigation is key and can determine if a driver was distracted at the time of the collision. With the possibility of exorbitant medical costs, lost wages from being unable to work, the long-term damage and possibility of a fatality from a distracted driving auto accident, it is important to be protected with experienced legal advice. A firm that has a full understanding of car wrecks and their causes may be able to help.


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