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Don’t assume your loved one’s nursing home fall was accidental

If you have an elderly loved one that resides at an assisted living facility or nursing home, then you’re likely well aware of all the horror stories that surround these types of residences. It’s common for seniors to experience slips and falls at these facilities. While the events leading up to these incidents may seem innocent enough, they’re often not. Your loved one’s slip or fall may be a sign of a much bigger problem at their nursing home.

There are several reasons why residents fall while at nursing homes.

An individual who suffers from a health condition such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease may experience a decline in cognitive or neurological functioning, and thus, their ability to walk. Psychotropic drugs can affect a person’s equilibrium or cause disorientation. Either one of these can result in a fall.

Elderly individuals often rely on a nursing home’s safety equipment such as handrails in bathrooms or in hallways to steady themselves and safely get around. Nursing home residents may slip and fall if none of these are present. These individuals may also suffer the same fate if the areas they congregate in are poorly lit, cluttered or have damaged flooring.

Inadequate staffing is another reason why seniors residing in assisted living facilities often suffer falls. Residents may attempt to get or do something themselves if the staff doesn’t seem attentive enough to help them.

When you hear that your elderly loved one had a fall, you may assume that they lost their balance or made a misstep. While that may indeed be the case, you may want to delve a bit deeper into why they felt the need to get up and handle it on their own in the first place. Delving a bit deeper is crucial if your loved one isn’t overly mobile or is a known fall risk.

Don’t thoroughly brush off your elderly loved one’s fall as an accident. Consult with an attorney about the situation instead.

Your Baton Rouge lawyer will want to know more about your family member’s health history and the events leading up to their accident to determine whether their incident resulted from negligence per Louisiana law. Your loved ones deserve to be treated well. Take the proactive step of holding those responsible for your family member’s health decline accountable for their actions.

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