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New device may help spinal cord injury victims

A car accident can devastate your life. This is especially true when you suffer catastrophic injuries like those that affect the brain and spinal cord. In many instances, victims of these types of injuries struggle to see a bright future given their physical pain and limitations, as well as the financial damage caused to them. But not all hope is lost. This is because medical and technological advances continue to provide promising results that could pave the way for successful treatment of these catastrophic injuries.

Could ultrasound and electrical stimulation treat spinal cord injuries?

Researchers at Johns Hopkins University think so. The team, which is comprised of neurosurgeons and biomedical engineers, recently received funding to develop a device the size of your pinky that they think could be a game changer when it comes to spinal cord injury treatment.

The device will have two purposes. The first is to use ultrasound to better image a spinal cord injury to better determine where damage is occurring and where, specifically, treatment is needed. The second is to utilize electrodes and electric current to stimulate blood vessels and tissue to slow or stop tissue death that causes inflammation and increased paralysis. It is hoped that this device could be a trailblazer for other implantable devices that might have the potential to treat a variety of conditions.

Finding help after your injuries

It’s going to take at least five years for this device to be made available, and other treatments for brain and spinal cord injuries are in development. We know that victims can’t wait that long. They need to secure the best treatment they can, as quickly as they can, all while dealing with the ripple effects of their injuries. A personal injury lawsuit, if successful, can help alleviate some of the stressors associated with these injuries by providing a victim with much needed compensation to pay for the treatment deserved. Those who want to learn more about what a personal injury lawsuit can do for them can reach out to a trusted attorney of their choosing.


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