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Other drivers actions can impact semitruck safety

Some people falsely think that if you know how to drive one vehicle, driving any other type on the road shouldn’t be that big of a deal. Driving a semitruck, however, vastly different from driving a car, pickup truck or sports utility vehicle. Semis are much larger and heavier than even the biggest SUVs on the market.

On average, a passenger car weighs around 3,000 pounds, but a semitruck can weigh up to 80,000 pounds. That means that the semi is both hard to steer and slower to stop. This, as well as other factors, must be taken into account for anyone who is driving a semitruck or who is driving near them on the roads.

All drivers should give truckers some extra space on the road because there are large blind spots all around their vehicles. They can’t see what’s in these areas, so it’s possible that someone driving in the “no zones” could be struck.

It’s also a horrible idea for drivers to dart in front of semis. The trucker might not be able to stop or slow down fast enough to avoid slamming into the vehicle. They may be forced to decide whether to slam into the car or try to swerve away, which puts them at risk of potentially hitting another vehicle on the road.

Semitrucks that slam into smaller vehicles can cause great damage. Once the victims of these crashes get appropriate medical care, it may be time to pursue a claim against the liable party. This might be the trucker, but there are other options that might apply to some cases. An experienced attorney can tell you more.

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