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Pedestrian killed in hit-and-run while assisting another crash

Louisiana residents likely encounter motor vehicle accidents rather frequently. Whether it is daily, weekly or monthly, collisions occur on all types of roadways. Additionally, these collisions can range from rather minor to severe and could include no injuries, minor injuries, serious injuries and even death.

For many individuals that witness automobile collisions, it is common nature to want to provide assistance to those involved. However, when one stops to provide aide, it is important to note that one is exposed to dangers near an accident site, as an inattentive or negligent driver could collide with them.

Pedestrian crash

Based on recent reports, a fatal pedestrian accident occurred in West Baton Rouge during the evening hours. Louisiana State Police reported that the 57-year-old woman witnessed an automobile crash and was to get assistance for the drivers involved in that crash.

While walking in the eastbound lances of US Highway 190, she was struck by multiple vehicles. None of these vehicles remained at the scene of the crash. The woman struck was later pronounced dead at the scene of the collision.

Hit-and-run accident

Because the motorists that struck the women did not remain at the scene, this hit-and-run collision is still under investigation. Currently, law enforcement is putting forth efforts to locate these vehicles. Once located, these drivers could face criminal and civil liabilities.

The loss of a loved on in a crash is a difficult event to cope with. It is often challenging to accept such an unexpected loss, especially when there are still unanswered questions. A fatal hit-and run collision can cause surviving family members to feel lost and confused. However, it is important to note that there are steps one could take in these matters. By understanding the rights afforded to the loved ones of the deceased, one could prepare for a legal action, such as a wrongful death claim, once more information is uncovered or the motorist at fault is discovered.


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