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That’s a car crash, not a car accident

Do you use the words “crash” and “accident” interchangeably when talking about traffic collisions? A lot of people do, but many argue that doing so is a mistake. The issue is that language tricks people into thinking about crashes in the wrong fashion.

An accident, these safety advocates argue, is something that implies that it was an “act of God” or that it was somehow out of the hands of every driver on the road. Looking at it this way absolves everyone of fault, like it’s just unfortunate that it had to occur.

The reality, though, is that most crashes are caused by human error. A driver may not see a stop sign and drive through an intersection at full speed, for instance, or that driver may be speeding and tailgating when they crash into the back of another car.

Now, they didn’t mean to cause the crash, but it wasn’t an accident, either. They were intentionally speeding and tailgating. The driver who ran the stop sign may not have done it intentionally, but why did they run it? Maybe they were intentionally looking down at the phone.

There are almost always human factors that cause these car crashes. If calling them accidents is deceptive to people, there’s an argument to be made for changing the language. Doing so would help to show people how they have a hand in these accidents and how they can avoid having this influence in the future.

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