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Distracted driving car vs. garbage truck accident injures worker

In Baton Rouge and through all of Louisiana, drivers are reminded of the dangers of distracted driving. Statistics, research and anecdotes about how distraction has led to auto accidents with injuries and death are repeated on television, on the internet and in print. The risk is widespread and known. Still, drivers are prone to allowing the myriad options available to stay connected and multitask interfere with safe driving. This can be due to a cellphone, vehicle features like navigation, the radio or eating. This behavior can place the driver, passengers, other drivers, pedestrians, bicyclists and workers in jeopardy. One recent accident again showed just how treacherous distracted driving can be.

Alleged distracted driver rear-ends garbage truck

A Jeep ran into the back of a garbage truck and threw a sanitation worker, injuring him. According to the investigation, the Jeep was heading west. The garbage truck was stopped and the vehicles collided. Law enforcement said that the driver of the Jeep seemed to be distracted when the accident occurred. The driver tried to turn to avoid the truck, but hit it near the worker who was standing on the back of the truck. He was hospitalized and his overall condition was unknown, but he was said to be stable. The Jeep driver was given a citation for careless driving. He said he was injured, but would seek treatment without emergency services.

Medical expenses, lost wages and other challenges can result from an accident

Any auto accident can present challenges to those involved. If it is a distracted driving crash, it is especially egregious because of the known dangers of the act. For a person who was working, there can be a series of problems to deal with. That can include medical costs, lost income from being unable to work, long-term damage, the need for rehabilitation and surgical procedures, and more. Gathering evidence as to what caused the accident is crucial.

Legal advice can help with recovering compensation

Since this accident already carries with it the belief that the Jeep driver was distracted, this is a vital aspect of a case. The sanitation worker’s condition was not yet known and despite reports that he was stable, falling from a truck can cause short and long-term damage. There may be back injuries, head injuries, broken bones, psychological problems and issues with returning to work at a physically stressful job. Compensation to cover for financial loss and the future can be essential. A firm with experience in distracted driving auto accidents and personal injury may be able to help with a case.


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