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Drunk drivers can make the holiday roads deadly

The final several weeks of the year herald the holiday season and the coming of the new year. Unfortunately, this levity can result in serious – often deadly – vehicle collisions across Louisiana. The combination of holiday parties and work vacations can make roads unsafe.

While many people extend the holiday season from Halloween all the way to New Year’s Day, the National Safety Council (NSC) published data focusing only on the Christmas Day holiday. While the length of this holiday can vary depending on when in the week Christmas Day falls, the traffic accident results are staggering. Data published investigating the 2018 holiday season reported that during the year, alcohol-impaired fatalities represented 29% of the total traffic fatalities. Over the Christmas Day holiday period that year, however, the number rose to 37%.

This is a dramatic trend that represents a noticeable spike in the results over such a short period of time. The message is clear – drunk drivers are responsible for a dramatically increased number of fatal vehicle accidents during the short Christmas Day holiday.

Drivers must be cautious during this time of the year. Not only must you remain awake and alert for the safe operation of your own vehicle, but you must pay careful attention to those on the road around you. Vehicles not following speed rules, traffic signals and going against the flow of traffic should be identified and avoided. Drivers who are clearly distracted or impaired might swerve in their lane or across lane dividers. They might speed or drive dramatically slower than the posted speed limit.

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