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Four tips parents should share with their teen driver

Getting their driver’s license is a right of passage for many teenagers in Baton Rouge. Teens may be excited to get behind the wheel with their newfound freedom, but parents should make sure these new drivers understand the importance of driving safely. The following are some tips that can help make teen drivers safe drivers.

Tip 1: Wear a seat belt

Teens might not understand the importance of buckling up. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that teen drivers were most likely to believe the opposite – that wearing a seat belt could put them in harms way in an accident, when the exact opposite is true. Of all fatal motor vehicle accidents involving those between the ages of 16 and 20, 60% of these individuals were not wearing a seat belt at the time of the accident.

Tip 2: Avoid distracted driving

Just about anyone can find it difficult to ignore the ding of a text message or a ringing phone while behind the wheel, teens especially so. However, texting and driving is extremely problematic and the cause of many collisions in Louisiana and across the nation. Cell phones are not the only way a teen can be distracted while driving. Teens should avoid eating, grooming, tuning the radio or chatting with friends while driving, so they can focus their attention on the road.

Tip 3: Do not speed

Teens often have a sense that nothing bad can happen to them and may think nothing of driving above the posted speed limit. Unfortunately, this impulsiveness and poor judgment can lead to a fatal crash. In fact, 37% of male teen drivers were speeding at the time of their fatal accident.

Tip 4: Avoid drunk driving

Drunk driving is something that should be avoided by every one of any age. After all, alcohol can inhibit our physical and mental capabilities, making it almost impossible to drive safely and leading to many devastating car accidents every year. However, teens who lack driving experience can be at an especially high risk for collisions if they drink and drive.

Talk to your teens about safe driving

These are only a few tips to talk to your teens about before giving them the car keys. Teens, just like anyone, can cause car accidents if they are negligent while driving. With the right support and experience teen drivers can be safe drivers.


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