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If you can, avoid driving at night

Do you want to reduce your odds of getting involved in a serious car accident? It may feel like you can’t help but take risks, and that is somewhat true. Whenever you drive, you place your own safety in the hands of others. You can’t avoid that since you have to share the road with them.

That said, one easy way to at least reduce those odds and make yourself safer is to avoid driving at night. It’s one thing you can easily control, as long as your work or some other obligation doesn’t require you to drive in the dark.

The increased risks

Risks increase at night for many reasons. It’s simply harder for even the best drivers to do well at night. Visibility is reduced, so it’s easier to make mistakes or overlook critical factors. There is a reason that driver’s training courses require people put in a special allotment of after-dark hours.

But it’s not just the dark itself that increases the risks. Dangerous drivers, especially those who are under the influence, are more common at night. According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, the rate of fatal accidents is four times higher at night than during the day, for instance, and that the stretch of time from midnight to 3:00 in the morning is when the greatest concentration of intoxicated drivers is on the road.

These are certainly drivers that you want to avoid, and you can do it by planning around the times when most of them are driving.

Did you get in to an accident?

Of course, there’s no way to entirely eliminate accident risks. If you’ve been involved in one, you need to know what legal options you have.

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