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Louisiana auto accident between pickup and motorcycle kills rider

Motorcycles are a constant sight on the roads of Baton Rouge and throughout Louisiana. With the inherent vulnerabilities that riders face, it is imperative that they and drivers of passenger vehicles and trucks pay attention, adhere to the rules of the road and focus on safety. Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents are common and people can suffer serious personal injury and death in a collision. Those who have been hurt or lost a loved one in a motorcycle accident should be cognizant of their rights.

Late afternoon accident kills motorcyclist

A motorcyclist died after a pickup truck allegedly turned into the rider’s path. The accident happened at around 5 p.m. According to the initial investigation, the 35-year-old rider was on a 2014 Kawasaki and heading south when the driver of a 2005 Ford F150, heading north, turned in front of the bike. The motorcycle collided with the passenger side of the pickup.

He was wearing protective gear including a helmet, but his injuries were catastrophic and he died. The 45-year-old driver of the pickup had minor injuries and was treated at the hospital. The investigation is continuing as police investigate and try to determine what sparked the driver to turn into the rider’s path. He is being checked to see if he was under the influence and could ultimately be charged.

The aftermath of a fatal accident can be challenging

Motorcycle riders take to the road with the reality that other drivers might not pay as close attention to them as they should. Often, these crashes are due to some form of illegality or negligence on the part of a driver who failed to watch for motorcyclists. When there are injuries or a death in a motorcycle crash, it is important for the injured person and his or her family to understand what steps to take in the aftermath. People could face medical costs from treatment prior to death, lost income, the absence of personal contributions and the emotional upheaval that accompanies an unexpected death. Seeking compensation through a legal filing might be the main strategy to be sufficiently compensated.

Legal help could be vital after a fatal motorcycle accident

Before making a mistake by trusting others to oversee the investigation and accepting a settlement that might not cover all that was lost, it is wise to consult with an experienced legal professional who understands how to pursue wrongful death cases. In this accident, a pickup driver is alleged to have turned and caused a fatal accident with a motorcyclist. As the case moves forward, the rider’s family should be fully protected. Consulting with a firm that understands fatal auto accidents can provide guidance and advice on how to proceed.


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