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The steps to take after a car accident

For those of us that have been in a car accident, at least for our first accident, we probably wish we would have done something differently when we look back on what we actually did. And, we probably feel pretty comfortable now that we can handle what to do after an accident moving forward. But, what about those who have not been in an accident, or those that do not feel comfortable? For them, we have broken down the steps to take after an auto accident.

Step one

Call 9-1-1 immediately. They will guide one through what questions to ask oneself and passengers to assess the severity of injuries. Though, one should err on the side of wanting an ambulance to come out to make sure everyone, even the other driver is okay. This is also important because this is the call that will get a police offer out, who will take the police report. This will contain the other driver’s information, including insurance, and usually, make a determination as to fault and whether a crime was committed.

Step two

Gather all the evidence possible. Take photographs of the accident prior to moving the vehicles, even if that means from inside the car. Take photographs of both cars and the scene, including of all damages caused by the accident. Make sure dashboard cameras are now off to ensure looped recordings do not record over the accident. Get witness contact information.

Step three

Call one’s own insurance. They will contact a wrecker to take the vehicle to a service center and arrange for a rental car. Remember, choices of who will fix the car and what vehicle one will get can be decided later. The key here is to get the process started. The insurance company will want to know the police officer’s information, report number, the other driver’s information, including insurance. However, do not provide exact details of the accident until after consulting with an attorney. How one presents information is extremely important when discussing the accident with the insurance. Broad strokes are what is important, just enough to get the ball rolling.

Step four

Call us, the local, Baton Rouge, Louisiana attorney. We fight for every client to ensure that they get everything they are entitled, and we can make the entire post-accident process much smoother, handling insurances, claims, investigations, police, etc. For more information, see our site on this topic.


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