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What are never events in surgical and patient care?

Individuals who go into a hospital or surgical center for a procedure or care expect that it will be done properly and that things will be handled in a professional and safe manner. While the vast majority of these go off without any issues, there are times when events happen during the procedure that shouldn’t occur. Some of these are deemed never events.

A never event is something that’s preventable that no patient should ever have to deal with. Many of these are associated with surgical procedures, but others have to do with even the most basic care. It’s imperative that anyone who experiences one of these never events takes action to pursue compensation.

What never events occur in surgical procedures?

Never events that happen during surgical procedures include very serious matters like doing the procedure on the wrong patient or doing the wrong procedure on a patient. It can also involve leaving foreign objects in the patient’s body.

Another never event has to do with the patient’s care after the surgery. The medical staff should monitor the patient closely to ensure that the vital signs are within acceptable parameters. They must also watch for signs of an infection. When these aren’t done after surgery, a never event occurs if the patient suffers harm.

What other never events are possible during the patient care process?

There are many never events that are possible during the patient care process. These include events like medication errors, administration of contaminated drugs or using harmful products that lead to serious injuries or death to the patient. Discharging a patient who can’t make decisions on their own is a never event unless the person is released to someone who can care for them.

Grade three or four pressure sores that occur while in the care of a medical facility is another never event. Failing to provide oxygen to a patient who is ordered to receive it, burns that occur during patient care at a facility, and falls that occur in a health care setting are also never events.

For some people, the need to take action after one of these events has to do with more than just being compensated for the damages they’ve suffered. Some people don’t want the same thing to happen to others, so they pursue legal action and file formal complaints. Your attorney can help determine what course of action is possible in your case so that you can take the next steps accordingly.

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