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Did your doctor confuse skin cancer with another issue?

No type of cancer is as common as skin cancer. It can happen almost anywhere on the body, and it can be fatal if not treated properly. The good news is that treatment is often far simpler than it is for other types of cancer — it’s easier to remove a spot on the skin through surgery than to operate on a tumor or undergo chemo.

As such, it’s very important for your doctor to spot the cancer quickly and get you started on the correct treatment. Any delay can be very detrimental to your health. Unfortunately, doctors may mistake cancer for things like acne, rashes, benign moles, warts and much more. An error in the diagnostic stage can have catastrophic consequences.

Spotting cancer

To help you properly identify cancer, you need to know what indicators to look for. A few of them include:

  • Spots on your skin that change and grow over time
  • Marks that are not symmetrical or even
  • Spots that have different shades of color
  • Raised areas, especially if they used to be flat and have grown
  • Any spot that bleeds and/or refuses to heal

That said, professionals note that cancer can check none of these boxes and still be cancer. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Bring anything you’re worried about to the attention of a professional.

After a mistake

If that professional makes a mistake and delays your treatment with a misdiagnosis, then you need to know what legal options you have. You may be able to seek compensation for your medical bills and many other costs.

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