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How common is road rage?

Road rage is the act of driving aggressively due to feeling angry with another driver. It often happens after that driver appears to make a mistake. Examples include cutting someone off in traffic, tailgating a slower car or merging without using a blinker. Even when these mistakes do not cause an accident, they can anger one or both of the drivers involved, and that can in turn lead to a crash.

Does it happen to everyone?

You may not personally have experienced road rage, but it’s more common than you may realize. For instance, some estimates claim that drivers curse 32,000 times while driving. That’s a lifetime total and an average, but it’s still shockingly high and shows just how easy it is to get frustrated behind the wheel.

One reason for road rage is the separation from other drivers. When two people talk face-to-face, they’re more likely to be courteous and understanding. When they’re in different vehicles, though, the separation creates an artificial sense of anonymity. That’s why people will often lash out in the heat of the moment. They’re not really thinking about the other drivers as people, but as objects.

Anger and accidents

The trouble is that emotional driving is often unsafe driving. If another person becomes angry with you on the road, they may drive recklessly and put their attention on communicating with you or “getting even”, rather than driving safely. You may have done nothing wrong, but that emotional driver can definitely cause you to crash, and you need to know how to seek compensation if you get injured.

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