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Tort reform bill takes aim at car accident lawsuits

A sweeping tort reform bill has significant implications for car accident victims in Louisiana.

The bill is intended to reduce the number of frivolous claims and limit the amount of damages a plaintiff can recover.

More specifically, the bill will make jury trials more common, limit a judge’s ability to grant damages for medical expenses, and allow for the introduction of new kinds of evidence during trial. These changes all favor defendants.

Clay Schexnayder sponsored the legislation which was backed state republicans. The bill also found considerable support in Louisiana’s business community.

Supporters of the bill argue it will even the playing field and reduce costs for insurance companies and businesses. In this regard, they see the bill as a practical way to improve business retention in Louisiana, a problem the state has struggled with for decades.

Furthermore, proponents claim it will reduce insurance costs in a state with some of the highest rates in the nation.

The bills detractors, mostly state democrats, are less keen. They see it as creating opportunities for powerful businesses to trample on victim’s rights. They are quick to point to the fact that many victims already struggle to vindicate their rights in a court of law, and this will only exacerbate the problem.

Protecting the rights of victims

Being injured in a serious car accident can change your life. The things you once took for granted may now seem out of reach.

After all, many victims are left with not only serious physical and psychological damage, but also medical debt and job loss.

Hiring an experienced personal injury lawyer is the best way to ensure your rights are protected. Of course, they understand the law and how the legal system operates. But they also appreciate the uncertainty of the moment and what you, as a victim, might be experiencing.

After meeting with a lawyer, they can begin evaluating your case and provide you with options for how to move forward.


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