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Take action when a crash results in permanent disability

It's common knowledge that motor vehicles are a regular cause of death. Many people fear learning of the loss of a loved one unexpectedly in a crash. Those who do lose a loved one often have to pursue wrongful death claims to recoup the financial losses associated with a sudden death. Fewer people consider the potential expenses and heartbreak associated with a permanently disabling injury.

Soft-tissue injuries take time to appear: Get medical help

You found yourself hit from behind on a day that was already bad. You were stressed, but the added stress of getting hit by a car made you want to immediately go home, take a shower and get some rest. You opted out of going to the hospital, thinking that your headache and fatigue was a sign of you working yourself too hard, not a result of the crash.

When commercial trucks hit passenger vehicles, tragedy ensues

Most people understand that there's an element of risk involved in riding in or driving a motor vehicle. Even if you are a very cautious driver, you can always end up in a collision caused by someone else's mistake or negligence. Any crash has the potential to be quite dangerous, but when a commercial truck hits a passenger vehicle, the results can be tragic.

Wrongful death lawsuits may offer justice after a fatal collision

Losing a loved one in a motor can be traumatic. These deaths are unexpected, meaning you don't have a chance to make peace with your loved one or prepare for his or her passing. Instead, you're suddenly confronted with a new world, one in which someone who was invaluable to you is not longer with you.

Did your car accident cause a herniated disk?

While it does not happen often, a herniated disk can result from physical trauma, such as a car wreck. In most cases the slipped disk is the result of gradual wear and tear, using improper lifting techniques, or possibly even a minor strain. However, if the disk is already degenerated, it does not take much force to cause serious damage.

Brain injuries are common issues after serious car accidents

Most people understand that there's a risk involved with getting into a motor vehicle. In the wake of an unexpected accident, people are often grateful just to walk away from the accident. After checking their limbs, they believe they are mostly unhurt, just a little shaken and bruised. These people may quickly move on with their day-to-day lives without realizing how serious their injuries really are.

Underinsured motorist coverage may come in handy

Imagine driving through Baton Rouge on your daily commute. It's Friday, so all you have to do is make it through the day and then you can relax for the weekend. Unfortunately, things take a turn when another driver runs a stop light and slams into the side of your car. Instead of the nice, relaxing weekend you were hoping for, you now have to spend a couple of days in the hospital and then deal with the damage to your car.

How serious are spinal cord injuries after a motor vehicle crash?

Spinal cord injuries from a motor vehicle crash can vary from minor issues that heal completely to severe ones that can lead to paralysis or death. There are several factors that impact the outcome of the injury and how a person is able to live after it.

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