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Distracted driving shouldn't ever happen

Distracted driving is a big problem throughout the Baton Rouge area. With the interstate and major thoroughfares snaking through the city, drivers must head out on the road only when they're ready to give their full attention to driving. Unfortunately, many people who live in Louisiana and those who are traveling through our beautiful state allow themselves to become distracted by various things.

Seeking compensation after a car crash

A person who is struck by a vehicle should do a self-evaluation to determine whether they feel they need emergency medical care or not. It is imperative that you get the care you need if you're in a crash. Even if you aren't critically injured, having an evaluation by a medical professional might be in order.

Many dangerous driving distractions don't involve cellphones

The dangers of using cellphones while driving have been well documented, and most states have laws against using hand-held devices while driving. Maybe that's part of the reason why just 14% of all distracted driving fatalities involve cellphones. So, what kind of distractions make up that remaining 86%?

Parents are part of the distracted driving epidemic

One of the greatest risks on the road today is the distracted driver. Modern cars have so many distractions: Built-in GPS systems, entertainment systems, smartphone connectivity, etc. Plus, there is the added distraction of having a phone -- which is really just a miniature computer -- in your pocket at all times.

Many forms of financial challenges occur after a serious injury

Car wreck injuries can last a long time after the crash occurs. When a person experiences a catastrophic injury, their life might never return to the same quality that it was before the accident. They may be facing intensive medical care, as well as other life consequences. We know that this is a difficult thing to face, especially for a person who was healthy and active before the wreck.

Tips for being a safer highway driver

Highway driving has a number of dangers you don't experience when driving on surface streets. The increased speed limits, for example, can make it difficult to respond quickly to someone making an unexpected move. You're also more likely to encounter large trucks and other commercial vehicles than you are when driving near your home.

What happens if you're hit by an uninsured driver in Louisiana?

No driver is supposed to be on the road unless they have car insurance that will cover their losses -- and the losses of anyone they hit -- in an accident. Unfortunately, Lousiana's troubled car insurance system has uncompetitive rates that many residents simply can't afford -- so they go without and take their chances, hoping that they don't need it.

Mount a comprehensive claim after a car crash

Motor vehicle crashes can lead to serious injuries for the occupants of the vehicles. These can range from things like broken bones to spinal cord or brain injuries. When these occur, the victims can rack up considerable medical bills and other expenses related to the crash. We know that this is a troubling time for you, so we are ready to help you pursue legal actions to recover the damages that you face related to the wreck.

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