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DWIs and driving privileges in Louisiana

Across the country many people might think about Louisiana as a state known for its hospitality and love of a good party. While there are certainly many responsible citizens in the state of Louisiana, there are also far too many who still refuse to give up their keys if they are going to be drinking alcohol at an event or gathering. As a result, people keep dying at the hands of drunk drivers.

Working through grief of losing someone to DUI driver

If you have lost a loved one to DUI driver, you have the added anguish of knowing that the death was preventable. If only the other driver wasn’t drunk. The team at McGlynn, Glisson & Mouton understands your pain, anger and grief. We work with many clients who have suffered loss, and we know that everyone has their own type of grieving process.

Fourth drunk driving event for driver kills woman

While people in Louisiana have for decades now heard about the dangers of drinking and driving, it seems that some people simply do not care about their lives or the lives of others. At least that is what one might be led to believe when learning about a person who repeatedly engages in this senseless and dangerous behavior. It can also be hard for people in the state to take seriously reports about legal and judicial crackdowns when they find out about a driver with multiple drunk driving convictions who is still allowed to drive. 

Determining fault in drunk driving accidents

When someone is involved in a collision with a drunk driver in Louisiana, he or she may immediately think that the drunk driver caused the accident. This may not always be the case, though. It is important to understand how fault is determined in a drunk driving accident.

How serious is drunk driving in Louisiana?

If you are have lived in Louisiana for any length of time, you know that the state has very strong laws against drunk driving. Public awareness campaigns and sobriety checkpoints at holidays or other times throughout the year also serve to highlight the risks associated with driving after consuming alcohol. Sadly, there seem to be too many people who refuse to heed the warnings and instead choose to get behind the wheel when impaired. Even worse is the fact that innocent people die because of these choices.

Drunk boater kills one child, injures two others

Louisiana residents who are concerned about the dangers posed to them by people who make the choice to drive after drinking should know that these risks are not faced only on the road. Operating a boat while or after consuming alcohol can be equally dangerous to drivers and passengers alike. It is for this reason that the laws recognize driving while intoxicated charges as applicable to boaters as well as to drivers of automobiles.

Don't Let Happy Hour Make You Sad. Ride Your Bike!

According to FBI Statistics, in 2011 alone over 1.1 million individuals in the United States were arrested by law enforcement agencies for driving under the influence of alcohol. As numerous individuals, organizations, and state governments actively work to address the problem of impaired drivers through various different means, citizens of Louisiana have one option at their disposal that citizens of many other states do not. In Louisiana, if you are intoxicated, you can still legally ride your bicycle.

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