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What are the causes of wrong-site surgery?

If you or a member of your family expect to undergo a surgical procedure, you should know about the causes that can lead to wrong-site surgery. The unexpectedness of wrong-site surgery and its potential to cause serious physical and psychological injury or death prompted the Joint Commission to identify it as a sentinel event in the late 1990s.

What is universal protocol?

Surgical errors in Louisiana are thankfully quite rare, but when they do occur, they can be devastating. Of the many ways that your surgery can go wrong, among the most likely, relatively speaking, are surgery on the wrong patient, surgery at the wrong site or performance of an incorrect procedure. In the interest of preventing these kinds of errors and ensuring your safety during surgery, the Joint Commission, a nonprofit medical services accreditation organization, has set standards for surgical personnel to follow to double-check that the information identifying patient, procedure and site is correct. The collective term for these standards is the Universal Protocol. 

Call for more discussion of medical errors

People in Louisiana and around the nation have recently watched and heard about the celebrations remembering the 50th anniversary of Neil Armstrong's landing on the moon. To everyone, this was a momentous event in history indeed. One might believe that a person as celebrated in American history as Mr. Armstrong would only receive the highest level of medical care throughout his lifetime. Unfortunately, it seems that this is not what he experienced at the end of his life.

New report exposes high rate of medical errors

Residents in Louisiana know that doctors, nurses and other health care professionals are human. That, however, does not mean that people should expect to have a serious mistake made with regard to their health care. The medical profession should be able to develop processes and systems that help prevent serious errors and the injuries and deaths associated with them. Unfortunately, that does not seem to be happening. 

Understanding cerebral palsy

Expectant parents in Louisiana should be able to trust that pregnant women and their babies will receive the right level of medical care during pregnancy, delivery and after. While this does often happen, there are times when medical professionals fail to respond promptly to emergency situations or even do not recognize warning signs that may indicate certain actions are necessary. Some of these instances end up blocking the flow of blood and oxygen to an unborn child. 

Military precedent prevents malpractice suits

People in Louisiana who give of themselves to serve their country in one of the branches of the armed forces deserve to receive the best medical and dental care possible. The same is true of their family members. Unfortunately, medical errors can and do happen even in military facilities. Even more unfortunately, there is a current legal precedent in effect that prevents military personnel and their relatives from pursuing compensation for these errors. 

States continue lawsuits regarding opioids

People who live in Louisiana have no doubt become aware of the tragic state of the opioid epidemic facing the United States today. This situation is horrible in many respects, including the fact that it may well have been preventable and the fact that pharmaceutical manufacturers consciously contributed to it. More and more states today are taking legal action against companies and even individuals for their roles in this problem. 

The length of an average doctor visit

When you go to the doctor in Baton Rouge, you likely hope that the visit will not linger. At the same time, however, you expect that the doctor will dedicate all of the time that is necessary to identify what is wrong with you and prescribe the best course of treatment. You should never feel as though you are being rushed through a visit. Yet more and more of those that come to see our team here at MGM Attorneys say that is exactly what they experience. So how long, then, should your doctor be spending with you? 

Common types of drug errors

People in Louisiana who are prescribed medication or given prescription drugs while in the hospital should be aware of the most common types of errors involving these substances. Some of the errors involve the method of administration or other clerical issues while some errors highlight specific substances most frequently involved in instances that cause patient harm or death.

Do timeouts prevent surgical errors?

Surgical errors in Louisiana that involve performing the wrong procedure, operating at the wrong site or receiving an operation intended for a different patient are known collectively as WSPEs. They are among the most dramatic and terrifying medical errors that occur. If a surgeon commits a WSPE when operating on you or a loved one, the negative effects can be debilitating or even life-threatening. Another term for serious medical errors such as WSPEs is "never events," meaning that, in the absence of serious underlying safety issues, they should never occur at all.

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