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Medical malpractice happens more frequently than you think

Doctors are experts who go through years of schooling and training, so most people implicitly trust their expertise. Patients put a lot of trust in the doctors who care for them, which most doctors do their best to uphold. Unfortunately, some doctors provide inadequate care which leaves them vulnerable to claims of medical malpractice.

Medical malpractice cases are often challenging

When you file a medical malpractice claim, one thing to consider is how you are going to prove that the malpractice occurred. Many of these cases are based on a failure to meet the standard of care but even proving this can be complex. Before you embark on this process, you should try to understand some basic points about these cases.

Many medical errors occur outside of hospitals

These days, most Americans' health care is handled in "ambulatory care facilities" such as outpatient clinics and doctors' offices rather than in hospitals. We go to these facilities for regular check-ups, when we're sick or injured and even for minor surgical procedures. That means that many medical errors as well as other "safety events" occur in these facilities.

Patients always deserve proper medical care

Medical malpractice cases can hinge on a variety of factors, like a patient receiving substandard care. In the medical community, the standard of care establishes the bare minimum that a patient should expect. Unfortunately, it isn't always easy to figure out exactly what that standard is because it changes according to the situation. There are several factors that come into the picture in these cases.

Understanding Louisiana's medical malpractice award cap

It can be extremely difficult and frustrating to suffer a debilitating injury at the hands of a physician whom you trusted to care for you. We at the office of MGM Attorneys believe that you deserve compensation for the sometimes life-altering negative effects of medical malpractice. Unfortunately, even if a jury agrees and awards you significant damages in a medical malpractice case, Louisiana state law may prevent you from collecting all that you deserve. 

Louisiana malpractice cap may not apply to $10 million award

A doctor's mistake allegedly crippled the dominant arm of a 2-year-old boy in Louisiana 17 years ago, preventing him from pursuing his dream of joining the military. A jury recently heard the now 19-year-old's case and awarded him $10 million in damages. Ordinarily, a state-mandated cap on medical malpractice awards would automatically reduce the award amount to $500,000. Ironically, however, another alleged oversight by the physician may mean that the young man can receive the entire $10 million award amount. 

New study sheds light on surgical mistakes

People in Louisiana who might need to have surgical procedures or who have family members in need of operations might understandably be a bit concerned about these events. There can be many risks associated with surgeries and families should be able to trust that such risks are minimized, in large part due to the oversight and care of the professionals involved. However, there are times when the professionals themselves introduce the risks to the patients.

What are the causes of wrong-site surgery?

If you or a member of your family expect to undergo a surgical procedure, you should know about the causes that can lead to wrong-site surgery. The unexpectedness of wrong-site surgery and its potential to cause serious physical and psychological injury or death prompted the Joint Commission to identify it as a sentinel event in the late 1990s.

What is universal protocol?

Surgical errors in Louisiana are thankfully quite rare, but when they do occur, they can be devastating. Of the many ways that your surgery can go wrong, among the most likely, relatively speaking, are surgery on the wrong patient, surgery at the wrong site or performance of an incorrect procedure. In the interest of preventing these kinds of errors and ensuring your safety during surgery, the Joint Commission, a nonprofit medical services accreditation organization, has set standards for surgical personnel to follow to double-check that the information identifying patient, procedure and site is correct. The collective term for these standards is the Universal Protocol. 

Call for more discussion of medical errors

People in Louisiana and around the nation have recently watched and heard about the celebrations remembering the 50th anniversary of Neil Armstrong's landing on the moon. To everyone, this was a momentous event in history indeed. One might believe that a person as celebrated in American history as Mr. Armstrong would only receive the highest level of medical care throughout his lifetime. Unfortunately, it seems that this is not what he experienced at the end of his life.

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