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Avoiding postsurgical MRSA infection

People planning to have surgery in Louisiana may have concerns about becoming infected with MRSA after surgery. The concern is valid as MRSA infection is a common postsurgical complication that poses treatment challenges. The good news is that patients and doctors can take steps to prevent MRSA and other postsurgical infections.

Electronic health records and patient safety

Most people in Louisiana have likely been to a doctor's office in the past several years where the nurse, physician's assistant or physician may have entered notes into a computer as they were meeting with the patient. The increased use of electronic health records by medical providers has been touted as one way to reduce errors and improve patient safety. This may be possible but that does not mean these systems come without some risks or potential drawbacks.

3 common anesthesia errors

Anytime you undergo surgical treatment in Louisiana, you assume a certain amount of risk, and your risks may amplify if you are involved in a procedure that requires the use of anesthesia. At McGlynn, Glisson & Mouton, we understand that anesthesia-related errors can have catastrophic effects, and we have helped many patients who suffered harm during anesthesia treatment pursue solutions that meet their needs.

New report exposes radiology errors

People in Louisiana who undergo diagnostic medical tests should be able to trust that the results they receive are accurate. This is true whether the tests are performed as part of a routine screening, such as with a mammogram, or in response to concerns that a problem is present. A report released recently suggests that patients should not be too quick to believe that what they are told after receiving results is actually true.

Can surgery improve your back pain?

As a resident in Louisiana who is going in for back surgery soon, you likely understand that the operation will come with risks. Regardless of what type of surgery you go in for, there's the chance that something might go wrong, or that the procedure might not be successful. But can an operation actually make your condition worse?

The nationwide problem of surgical errors

There is often nothing scarier than going into a major surgery. Even when the procedure is small, knowing that one is placing complete trust in the hands of medical professionals can be a stressful aspect all on its own. Many Louisiana patients may wonder: how common are surgical mistakes, and is there any way to reduce the chances of an error? 

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