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Common types of drug errors

People in Louisiana who are prescribed medication or given prescription drugs while in the hospital should be aware of the most common types of errors involving these substances. Some of the errors involve the method of administration or other clerical issues while some errors highlight specific substances most frequently involved in instances that cause patient harm or death.

Do timeouts prevent surgical errors?

Surgical errors in Louisiana that involve performing the wrong procedure, operating at the wrong site or receiving an operation intended for a different patient are known collectively as WSPEs. They are among the most dramatic and terrifying medical errors that occur. If a surgeon commits a WSPE when operating on you or a loved one, the negative effects can be debilitating or even life-threatening. Another term for serious medical errors such as WSPEs is "never events," meaning that, in the absence of serious underlying safety issues, they should never occur at all.

What can you do to prevent hospital mistakes?

Doctors and nurses are human, and human beings sometimes make mistakes. If a health care professional in Louisiana makes an error pertaining to your care, it could lead to life-threatening complications. You can help to prevent this by asking questions and taking an active role in your own treatment. 

The impact hospital overcrowding has on patients

Louisiana residents rely on hospitals to provide the care necessary to continue living a healthy and rewarding life. Unfortunately, hospital systems across the country are having major issues with overcrowding. Today, we will take a look at this problem and how it can affect individuals seeking care.

What are the dangers of nosocomial pneumonia?

Every day across Louisiana, sick or injured people like you end up admitted to hospitals. Unfortunately, those who go to hospitals are more likely to catch illnesses hanging around the area, especially if your immune system is already compromised. One of these potential bugs is nosocomial pneumonia.

What must you prove in a medical malpractice case?

When you visit your Louisiana physician or enter the hospital for a surgical or other procedure, naturally you expect your physician and everyone else involved in your health care to competently provide it. The last thing you expect is that your doctor or other health care professional will hurt you or make you sicker than when you sought their medical help.

Study looks at ways to reduce medication errors

People who live in Louisiana and who must help a family member manage medications after being in the hospital or who must manage their own medications after a hospital stay know just how difficult this can be. It is not uncommon for a patient to have multiple drugs to take at varying times of the day. There may be a myriad of requirements as well. For example, some drugs may have to be taken with food while others should not be.

Minimize the risk of drug interactions

Most of the time, medications work wonders for Louisiana residents who live with uncomfortable and sometimes debilitating symptoms. Medications help with pain relief, fight infections and control certain issues such as diabetes and high blood pressure. However, sometimes medications can cause unwanted reactions. This often occurs due to interactions. MedlinePlus details how interactions may occur and the possible side effects of them. 

What are the risks of getting an epidural?

Labor is an often difficult and painful process that, for many women, detracts from the joy of having a baby. To make labor a more comfortable and enjoyable experience, Louisiana offers a few pain relief options. One such option is an epidural block. An epidural block, which an anesthesiologist delivers via a tube in your back, blocks the pain signals before they can reach your brain. It may also cause you to temporarily lose feeling below the waist. Though epidural blocks are extremely effective, they are not without risks. Healthline details a few common and not-so-common side effects of this popular pain relief method.

Do electronic health records prevent medical mistakes?

During the waning years of the 20th century and into the first decade of the 21st, there was a big, bipartisan, political push to implement electronic health records throughout the United States, including Louisiana. Republican leaders George W. Bush and Newt Gingrich were in favor of EHR implementation, but it was during the Obama administration that the government started offering financial incentives to health care facilities large and small to adopt the system, appropriating a significant portion of federal stimulus funds expressly for that purpose.

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