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Were you involved in a crash because of road flaws?

As a resident of Louisiana who has been involved in a crash, you know exactly how damaging these incidents can be. They can be particularly hard to handle when they're single-car crashes where faults with the road are the cause. MGM Attorneys are here to help you in your quest for compensation.

Why is it important to collect information at a crash?

As a Louisiana resident who has gotten into a minor collision before, you may be wondering if it is truly necessary to go through the steps of calling police to the scene or collecting information from the other driver. MGM Attorneys are here to explain why these are necessary steps in any crash, regardless of what you think the severity might be.

Why do truck drivers have driving time restrictions?

The trucking industry has many regulations. They are mostly for the safety of the drivers and others on the road. This is true when it comes to driving time restrictions. While having to adhere to drive time rules may seem cumbersome or becoming frustrating at times, they are really one of the best ways regulators have to keep Louisiana roadways safe from drivers who are too tired to drive safely.

Woman arrested in alleged Louisiana hit-and-run accident

The law of Louisiana requires a motorist involved in a car accident to stay at the scene until authorities give permission to leave. Failure to do so often makes a bad situation worse for a driver deemed to be at fault in a crash. An investigation into an alleged hit-and-run in Livingston Parish, Louisiana, began very early Saturday morning and resulted in the arrest of a 30-year-old woman believed to be the driver of a vehicle that crashed into a motorcycle, leaving its operator dead and his passenger injured. 

What hurdles do trucking companies pose to compensation?

Louisiana residents like you who get into a crash with an 18-wheeler or other commercial truck have the odds stacked against you. A truck driver will have the backing of their entire company, and they will often pull out all the stops to avoid taking a huge financial hit. McGlynn, Glisson & Mouton, injury attorneys, are here to help you stand against them.

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