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Defective drugs can lead to manufacturers being sued

Drug companies have a duty to manufacture medications that are as safe as possible. Because no drug will have a prefect cure rate without some risks, the drug manufacturers need to alert the public to the possible negative reactions of the drug. This is done by placing a warning on the drugs.

Issues exist with drug recalls

When you are prescribed medications or opt to use over-the-counter drugs, you expect that they are safe for consumption. Unfortunately, drug recalls are commonplace these days. While many drug recalls are for reasons that wouldn't lead to actual consumer harm, there are others that can quickly turn deadly. It is imperative that anyone who takes medications of any sort keeps an eye out for recalls of the products they take.

Medication errors are serious matters

Patients who get prescription drugs need to ensure that they are taking them correctly or they risk facing harm. But what happens if they don't get the correct drugs or receive an incorrect dosage? In this case, they might think that they are taking the medications correctly when they really aren't. This can lead to harm.

Does agreed postponement of Roundup case signal a settlement?

Bayer AG has so far lost three court cases in the U.S. brought by plaintiffs who claim that its popular weed killer Roundup causes cancer. The German company has appealed the court decisions, and continues to assert that the product is safe for people to use. However, it's currently facing over 18,000 legal claims.

Generic ranitidine pulled from retailers' shelves

Ranitidine is the generic name for the heartburn medication Zantac. Concerns over a potentially cancer-causing ingredient contained in the pills has prompted several manufacturers to recall generic ranitidine from the shelves of retailers like Walmart, Rite Aid and Walgreens across the country, including in Louisiana. 

Civil and criminal activities related to opioid companies

Most people in Louisiana have heard reports about the tragic epidemic related to opioid addiction and abuse that the country has been facing in the recent years. Many people may well have even known a person who has become addicted to these drugs after being prescribed their use by a medical professional. The pain and suffering that numerous families have endured due to the actions of the drug companies is endless. 

How is tardive dyskinesia diagnosed?

Taking certain medications in Louisiana to treat digestive conditions and/or psychosis could put you at risk of developing a disorder of the nervous system called tardive dyskinesia. This condition causes uncontrolled, repetitive movements. Effective treatment of tardive dyskinesia requires swift diagnosis. However, according to the Mayo Clinic, diagnosis of tardive dyskinesia involves assessing the timing of your symptoms relative to your use of the medication and ruling out other conditions that could produce similar symptoms. 

What are the symptoms of tardive dyskinesia?

A number of medications that you may be taking in Louisiana may produce a side effect of drug-induced movement disorders. One of these is tardive dyskinesia. It is different from similar conditions in that most other drug-induced movement disorders manifest quickly and resolve themselves once you stop taking the medication. Tardive dyskinesia is different because the symptoms do not always show up right away. In fact, they may not occur until after you stop taking the medication. That is where the term "tardive" comes from; it derives from a Latin word meaning late or delayed. 

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