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What type of packaging errors result in drug recalls?

When many individuals hear about drug recalls, they immediately default to the thought of potential contamination, the discovery of new side effects or some actual problem with the prescription or over-the-counter medication itself. People seldom think about how the design or marketing of a product may lead to a recall. There are many instances in which drug manufacturers or federal officials recall these products due to ineffective packaging.

Can you sue a manufacturer for a drug addiction?

Being addicted, overdosing or even dying from drug abuse isn't necessarily your fault. The pharmaceutical industry is a multibillion-dollar business. Both doctors and drug manufacturers are all about making money in one form or another from selling consumers prescription drugs.

How do overseas drug manufacturers hide contamination issues?

As the cost of prescription drugs increases, individuals have sought less expensive alternatives with lower price points. However, not all medications produced by every drug manufacturer are created equal. Government regulators are increasingly identifying hidden dangers in prescription drugs manufactured overseas.

Regulators recall many lots of a popular diabetes drug Metformin

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a voluntary recall of a popular diabetes drug Metformin in late May. Doctors often prescribe this medication to help patients with the type 2 variety of the disease to help control their elevated blood sugar levels. Federal regulators recalled the drug after they discovered that it might contain a carcinogen.

What are common reasons why medications end up getting recalled?

Most medications undergo rigorous testing before they're released on the market here in the United States. Government oversight over these prescription drugs doesn't end once they're made available to the public though. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) continues to monitor medications for potential problems. They keep a log of any reports that are made to them. The FDA may recall a drug if they fear that it may pose a safety hazard.

Defective drugs can lead to manufacturers being sued

Drug companies have a duty to manufacture medications that are as safe as possible. Because no drug will have a prefect cure rate without some risks, the drug manufacturers need to alert the public to the possible negative reactions of the drug. This is done by placing a warning on the drugs.

Issues exist with drug recalls

When you are prescribed medications or opt to use over-the-counter drugs, you expect that they are safe for consumption. Unfortunately, drug recalls are commonplace these days. While many drug recalls are for reasons that wouldn't lead to actual consumer harm, there are others that can quickly turn deadly. It is imperative that anyone who takes medications of any sort keeps an eye out for recalls of the products they take.

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