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How can drunk drivers affect your safety?

In Baton Rouge, laws that aim to minimize or prevent driving while under the influence (DUI) make it so that drivers convicted of this crime will face severe penalties. Unfortunately, that alone isn't always enough of a deterrent. McGlynn, Glisson & Mouton, injury attorneys, are here to help if you find yourself involved with a drunk driver.

Alcohol a major factor in holiday accident fatalities

Louisiana is known for its love of celebrations and these celebrations often involve enjoying alcoholic beverages. Unfortunately, it seems that people may not be respecting the need to drink responsibly by finding safe ways home such as identifying a designated driver or using ridesharing services, especially during the holidays.

Seven charges for Louisiana man in Christmas Eve hit and run

December holidays are notorious as a potentially deadly time of the year for drunk driving accidents. The perception is that motorists may indulge in too much alcohol at holiday parties and unwisely attempt to drive home. However, drunk driving accidents can and do happen at all times of the year, and despite the timing, a festive celebration does not appear to have been a factor in a Christmas Eve crash along Louisiana 34 in which a drunk driver allegedly rear-ended another vehicle and then left the scene.

Utah leads nation in reducing BAC for drunk driving

As many residents and visitors in Louisiana prepare to ring in the new year, the topic of drunk driving naturally comes up. Many people will choose to appoint a designated driver for the evening. Others may elect to use ride sharing apps, taxi cabs or public transportation to get to and from their celebrations. Still other people may simply stay home so as to avoid the potential drunk drivers that could be on the road. 

Repeat drunk driver kills two on Thanksgiving Day

Louisiana is known for its lively people and love of celebrating together whether at a backyard crawfish boil or at a formal holiday dinner party with extended family. However, people in Louisiana also know how precious life is and most residents act in ways that protect themselves and their loved ones. Unfortunately, there are always a few people out there who fail to consider the safety of others when making their choices. In the end, these people force others to endure tragedies and pain that should never be experienced.

The scourge of drunk driving

According to MADD, repeat offenders make up about a third of the people whom police arrest or courts convict for DUI. We believe that our courts in Louisiana need to do better in order to keep our roads safe. That is why, at McGlynn Glisson & Mouton, we work tirelessly to help our clients hold other drivers and their insurance companies responsible.

What is an open container law?

If you recognize that one of your friends is too drunk to ride on a Louisiana road, you may decide to step in as a designated driver. However, if your friend is carrying an open can of beer with him as he enters the vehicle, you might have a problem. While you are legally able to drive since you are not drunk, the mere fact that your friend possesses an open can of beer in the vehicle could still invite trouble from the law.

What treatments are available for alcohol abuse?

Receiving a drunk driving charge in Louisiana will have very serious consequences. Along with legal concerns, you must also consider whether a problem with alcohol led to your charges, which is a factor for many people caught drunk driving. If you’re concerned that you have an issue with substance abuse, WebMD offers the following information on treatment options.

Toddler killed, two other children injured by drunk driver

Louisiana residents are known to enjoy their celebrations, but they are also known to treasure their friends and family members. Unfortunately, some people do not stop to consider the potential consequences of their actions and instead make very reckless decisions. Some of these decisions can have tragic, even deadly, results that are completely avoidable.

How can you recover from injuries after a crash?

Louisiana residents who get involved with drunk drivers on the road have done nothing to deserve the pain you face. Look no further than McGlynn, Glisson & Mouton, injury attorneys, who are here to help you through the difficult recovery process after a crash.

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