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Drunk driver kills one, hits house

Despite the fact that Louisiana residents are known in part for their love of festive celebrations, people who live in the South are also known to love their family and friends. Part of revering the people close to a person involves making wise and responsible decisions. This includes the decision to not drink if a person is going to drive, or to select to use a rideshare or other means of transportation if they wish to consume alcohol at a given event. 

6-vehicle crash kills Louisiana motorcyclist

Authorities suspect impairment in a six-vehicle crash that occurred approximately a week ago in Concordia Parish, Louisiana. The crash involved two cars and four motorcycles. One of the motorcyclists, a 22-year-old man, lost his life. The crash is still under investigation, and charges against one of the drivers are pending as law enforcement awaits the results of routine toxicology tests. 

Man admits to being drunk when hitting cyclists

For people in Louisiana, Mardi Gras parades are some of the most iconic events that represent the heart and soul of the local culture. These events can be enjoyed by a range of people and should be only causes for celebration but, sadly, it only takes one very selfish and irresponsible person to turn a joyous event into something tragic. That is precisely what happened at an Endymion Mardi Gras parade this year.

Louisiana DWI conviction rate far below national average

People who live in Louisiana know that the problems associated with drinking and driving continue to plague area roads and highways. Drivers who refuse to put away their keys if they choose to consume alcohol contribute to an unnecessary loss of life and inflict injuries and pain on innocent people simply out of their own selfishness and negligence. Unfortunately, it seems that the state has room to improve when it comes to cracking down on these drunk drivers.

Drunk driver's original conviction to stand

People who live in Louisiana know that their state is famous in part for its alleged joy of celebrations, many of which often include the consumption of alcohol. That, however, does not negate Louisianans love and devotion for their friends and family members and their respect for safety. When an intoxicated person chooses to get behind the wheel of a vehicle, they should be held accountable for that decision and any actions that result from it.

Louisiana DUI conviction rate below national average

People in Louisiana are known for their hospitality and enjoyment of celebrations with friends and family members. This, however, does not mean that all people in Louisiana are reckless or that they do not care about their safety and the safety of others. Louisianans treasure their loved ones and most people therefore make it a priority to be safe and make wise choices when driving a motor vehicle. Unfortunately, there are enough people out there who still put their own pleasures above public safety.

Proposed law would close DWI loopholes for Louisiana drivers

Data from the Centers for Disease Control indicate that drunk driving is a culprit in more than one in three traffic deaths that occur in Louisiana, which is even higher than the United States' average. House Bill 580, currently awaiting a full hearing in the state legislature after passing the Transportation Committee, seeks to tighten the current law regarding ignition interlock devices in the interest of preventing repeat DWIs. 

Think twice before driving after taking medication

If you are taking prescription or over-the-counter medication in Louisiana and you think it is ok to drive, think again. Many medications cause side effects that making driving just as dangerous as if you are drinking alcohol. Take a closer look at the drugs you are taking and speak to your doctor about driving dangers before you get on the road and put yourself and other drivers at risk.

Police officer's son charged in fatal drunk driving crash

For people who live in Louisiana, Mardi Gras is one of the most celebrated times of the year. Unfortunately, the celebratory atmosphere that is and should be associated with a Mardi Gras event can be quickly erased and replaced with a tragic one when even just one person makes a negligent choice. An example of this type of choice is the decision to get behind the wheel of a car after drinking

Not all drunk driving is obvious

It is illegal in Louisiana to drive a motorized vehicle of any kind while under the influence of alcohol. Unfortunately, individuals who do so may cause car crashes that result in severe bodily harm. If you sustained injuries in a car accident caused by an intoxicated driver, they might be liable. At MGM Attorneys, we have experience working with clients, preparing accident claims and identifying the compensation source.

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