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Are overcrowded emergency departments problematic?

Louisiana residents go to the emergency department of their local hospital in tough situations when immediate medical care is required. However, overcrowding is an issue across the state in many different medical branches. Emergency departments are not exempt, though the consequences for overcrowding here can be critical.

The importance of reviewing medical records

If you are like most people in Louisiana, your doctor's office using electronic methods of making notes about your health. The same is likely true of any hospital or other medical facility that you have visited in recent years. While these tools may be beneficial in many ways, they do not necessarily eliminate all potential problems. For this reason, it remains important that you always know what information is in your medical record.

Medical records can contain errors

Your medical record contains a lot of information about you, from your name and address in Louisiana to your medical history, your family history and your current conditions. At McGlynn, Glisson & Mouton, we know that errors in record-keeping can and do occur, and information in your medical record may not always be accurate. It may be a mistake in contact information that makes it difficult for the clinic to get in touch with you, or it may be an error related to medical information that can have a negative effect on your care.

Over 1,000 orthodontic patients treated with dirty equipment

Patients who receive any sort of medical care in Louisiana, including dental, orthodontic, or ophthalmic, should feel confident that their providers have properly cleaned and sterilized their equipment to prevent the spread of disease-causing agents. However, patients treated at a university orthodontic clinic in Florida recently received the disturbing news that a group of resident orthodontists failed to properly clean and sterilize their equipment following examinations, potentially exposing over 1,000 patients to viruses such as hepatitis and HIV over a period of more than two years.

How can I protect myself from a medication error?

If you know that you will have to undergo a medical procedure that requires you to stay in the hospital, in Louisiana, you will understandably be concerned. Your concerns are likely to involve more than just the procedure you are going in the hospital for but also the potential that some type of error might be made on the part of a doctor, nurse or other health care provider. Medical mistakes do happen and many of them involve medications. 

Potential uses and abuses of ketamine

Any drug has the potential to become dangerous if not used correctly. The addiction epidemic currently sweeping the United States, including Louisiana, stems in part from doctors overprescribing medications and/or patients not following their doctor's instructions. However, addiction is only one possible consequence of the misuse of medication. If you have certain medical conditions, a particular drug may have contraindications for you, meaning that even if other people benefit from taking the drug, your doctor should not prescribe it to you because it may do you more harm than good. 

Paramedics allegedly force patient into drug trial

Informed consent is a cornerstone of health care everywhere, including Louisiana. Patients have a right to know what doctors, nurses and paramedics intend to do, what effects it may have on patients' bodies and to have the opportunity to accept or decline the treatment. The same holds true for drug trials, as pharmaceuticals can have serious safety concerns associated with them and patients with certain medical conditions may even have contraindications to the medical treatment. 

Avoiding postsurgical MRSA infection

People planning to have surgery in Louisiana may have concerns about becoming infected with MRSA after surgery. The concern is valid as MRSA infection is a common postsurgical complication that poses treatment challenges. The good news is that patients and doctors can take steps to prevent MRSA and other postsurgical infections.

Electronic health records and patient safety

Most people in Louisiana have likely been to a doctor's office in the past several years where the nurse, physician's assistant or physician may have entered notes into a computer as they were meeting with the patient. The increased use of electronic health records by medical providers has been touted as one way to reduce errors and improve patient safety. This may be possible but that does not mean these systems come without some risks or potential drawbacks.

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