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Posts tagged "Medical Malpractice"

Why do delayed or misdiagnoses occur?

Cancer is a big concern in the United States. Statistics compiled by The Doctors Group capture how at least 25% of Americans will get diagnosed with cancer during their lifetimes. That same data shows that all but 40% will lose their battle with the disease. Early detection is critical if individuals hope to survive their cancer battles. Doctors often confuse a patient's symptoms for other conditions aside from cancer, resulting in a patient suing their doctor for medical malpractice.

What problems should you look for at your loved one's group home?

Group homes are communal living facilities that aim to provide adults with disabilities with living skills to take care of themselves more effectively. Residents in these homes may either have mental or physical impairments. Regulators expect individuals who operate these homes to make sure that they're safe and comfortable. They assume that residents will receive the support they need to care for their basic needs. However, not all facilities or staff members that don't live up to those expectations.

Why is the time-out process so critical?

Medical errors can happen at any time. Doctors and scientists have long been working to come up with techniques or measures to minimize the risk of mistakes as much as they can. One such technique that has gained popularity in recent years is the time-out method. Those in the medical community developed this approach to help doctors reduce their chances of operating on the wrong patient or body part or performing an incorrect procedure on them.

What are the dangers associated with cervical neck manipulation?

Medical malpractice happens in all fields of medicine. A chiropractor is one of many different doctors who make mistakes that can leave you in a worse state than when you first went in to see them. One of the more injury-inducing adjustments that a chiropractor may perform is a cervical neck manipulation procedure. It can potentially cause damage to an artery, an injury that can easily cause a stroke.

Chiropractic negligence must be handled carefully

People who turn to a chiropractor for treatment are putting a lot of trust in these professionals. When things go awry, there is a chance that the patient will suffer harm. Some might wonder what they can do when this happens because a chiropractor isn't a medical doctor.

Patients can suffer greatly when a doctor botches their care

Doctors are expected to take care of their patients in a way that at least meets the standard of care for the situation. This is based on the information that's available, the doctor's training and a few other factors. When the doctor doesn't do this, the patient may suffer harm.

How common are wrong site, procedure or patient errors?

Medical malpractice is a far too common occurrence in the United States. It may surprise you to learn about one common mistake that doctors make though. It's a wrong body part, site, procedure or patient error. Instances such as these are commonly known as "never events" because there's no excuse or justification for them to ever happen under any circumstances.

Improper care in the emergency department can cause harm

Individuals who seek medical care in an emergency room may be experiencing something life-threatening. They don't need to have to deal with unnecessary delays in care or a lax standard of care when they do this because there can be serious consequences in these cases.

Does telemedicine increase the chances of malpractice?

Telemedicine is becoming an increasingly common way for doctors to see patients. Being able to see and talk to a doctor via Skype, FaceTime or other platform can be particularly beneficial for patients who don't live close to their doctor, for those who may not be able to drive or for patients who don't want to risk being exposed to other patients who may be contagious.

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