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The scourge of drunk driving

According to MADD, repeat offenders make up about a third of the people whom police arrest or courts convict for DUI. We believe that our courts in Louisiana need to do better in order to keep our roads safe. That is why, at McGlynn Glisson & Mouton, we work tirelessly to help our clients hold other drivers and their insurance companies responsible.

What is an open container law?

If you recognize that one of your friends is too drunk to ride on a Louisiana road, you may decide to step in as a designated driver. However, if your friend is carrying an open can of beer with him as he enters the vehicle, you might have a problem. While you are legally able to drive since you are not drunk, the mere fact that your friend possesses an open can of beer in the vehicle could still invite trouble from the law.

What treatments are available for alcohol abuse?

Receiving a drunk driving charge in Louisiana will have very serious consequences. Along with legal concerns, you must also consider whether a problem with alcohol led to your charges, which is a factor for many people caught drunk driving. If you’re concerned that you have an issue with substance abuse, WebMD offers the following information on treatment options.

Toddler killed, two other children injured by drunk driver

Louisiana residents are known to enjoy their celebrations, but they are also known to treasure their friends and family members. Unfortunately, some people do not stop to consider the potential consequences of their actions and instead make very reckless decisions. Some of these decisions can have tragic, even deadly, results that are completely avoidable.

How can you recover from injuries after a crash?

Louisiana residents who get involved with drunk drivers on the road have done nothing to deserve the pain you face. Look no further than McGlynn, Glisson & Mouton, injury attorneys, who are here to help you through the difficult recovery process after a crash.

Man sitting on bench killed by drunk driver

The Fourth of July is a holiday that unfortunately many in Louisiana now associate with an increase in drunk driving risks and accidents. It seems, however, the risk may actually not be just on the evening of Independence Day day after festivities are concluded but even before as at least one man in Baton Rouge chose to hop in and drive his vehicle while intoxicated on the third of July.

Family seeks justice for daughter's death

Residents in Louisiana who are themselves hit by drunk drivers or who may have had family members injured or killed by these negligent drivers know a type of pain that nobody should ever be forced to experience. The fact that so many drivers continue to choose to get drunk and then drive even after decades of strong public awareness campaigns and education about drunk driving is something hard to wrap one's head around.

DWIs and driving privileges in Louisiana

Across the country many people might think about Louisiana as a state known for its hospitality and love of a good party. While there are certainly many responsible citizens in the state of Louisiana, there are also far too many who still refuse to give up their keys if they are going to be drinking alcohol at an event or gathering. As a result, people keep dying at the hands of drunk drivers.

Working through grief of losing someone to DUI driver

If you have lost a loved one to DUI driver, you have the added anguish of knowing that the death was preventable. If only the other driver wasn’t drunk. The team at McGlynn, Glisson & Mouton understands your pain, anger and grief. We work with many clients who have suffered loss, and we know that everyone has their own type of grieving process.

Fourth drunk driving event for driver kills woman

While people in Louisiana have for decades now heard about the dangers of drinking and driving, it seems that some people simply do not care about their lives or the lives of others. At least that is what one might be led to believe when learning about a person who repeatedly engages in this senseless and dangerous behavior. It can also be hard for people in the state to take seriously reports about legal and judicial crackdowns when they find out about a driver with multiple drunk driving convictions who is still allowed to drive. 

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