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Identifying the liable party in big rig-involved accidents

Louisiana roadways are more congested than ever before. Big rigs carrying full loads and hauling tandem trailers require more room to stop and make turns than passenger vehicles. If you are in an accident with an 18-wheeler, severe injuries with devastating effects can result. At the law offices of MGM Attorneys, we often represent clients seriously injured in a multi-vehicle crash involving a commercial truck.

Does trucking culture contribute to crashes?

Louisiana truckers, as well as any truckers who travel through the state, have just as much of a chance of getting into a wreck as any other driver on the road. However, some may argue that the culture surrounding the trucking industry actually increases their chances of getting involved in a crash.

Trucker had history of violations prior to fatal crash

People in Louisiana should be able to trust that truckers and other commercial drivers are strongly monitored and held to strict safety standards. People who operate these big rigs have a serious responsibility to do so in a manner that keeps other people on the roads free from harm. Unfortunately, these drivers are still able to make negligent choices. Even worse, it seems that there may be times when a truck driver is allowed to keep driving commercially even if they have a history of violations and unsafe driving practices.

Drugs a factor in arrest of Louisiana semi driver

Semi-trucks can pose enough of a threat on highways when the driver is sober. When drugs become a factor, they can become an even bigger danger. Authorities in Kentucky arrested a 66-year-old semi-truck driver from Louisiana for possession of drugs, as well as driving under the influence, after an accident in which he allegedly lost control of the semi and crossed the median, blocking both lanes of southbound traffic when the vehicle came to rest. 

How can tow truck drivers stay safer on the job?

Driving a tow truck allows you to often come to the rescue of stranded motorists in Louisiana. While that is a great perk of the job, it also puts you at risk. Anytime you stand outside a vehicle on the roadway, you are at risk of a moving vehicle striking you. That makes this a dangerous profession. Even with your lights and the size of your truck, some motorists still will not pay attention and could crash into you as you are loading a vehicle.

Louisiana tow truck collision leaves 2 dead

Motor vehicle accidents involving both cars and trucks in Louisiana can be devastating. Because a truck is so much larger than most of the passenger automobiles on the road, it can strike with a great deal more force in a collision with a car. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, in 2016, the most recent year for which statistics are available, there were 4,317 fatalities in accidents involving large trucks and 180,000 injuries.

State closes freeway after truck accident

People who live in the southern part of Louisiana know just how important of a thoroughfare Interstate 10 is. They also know that this type of freeway is not likely to be closed for anything other than something very, very serious. Apparently something quite severe did take place recently as the Louisiana State Police shut down the entire stretch of I-10 that connects Lafayette to Baton Rouge in both directions.

Can you get compensated for a commercial vehicle crash?

Louisiana drivers like you face many different roadway hazards, including other vehicles. For example, 18-wheelers and other big industry trucks can cause a lot of problems if they hit another, smaller vehicle. McGlynn, Glisson and Mouton, injury attorneys, are here to help you out if you've gotten into a crash with one of these giant vehicles and suffered from injuries because of it.

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