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What To Know When Speaking With Your Insurance Company

After a serious accident, you will most likely have to file an insurance claim and communicate with your insurance company. While it’s important that you cooperate with your insurance company, many attorneys will caution you to be mindful of what you say and reveal, as any statements can later be used against you.

Before speaking to your insurance company, please speak to the lawyers at MGM Attorneys, in Baton Rouge, to help understand all your options.

Recorded Statements Given To Insurance Companies

In particular, when speaking with your insurer, be wary of giving recorded statements. This is especially true if you are speaking with the insurance company about other drivers or parties involved in your accident.

Some insurance companies will ask for a recorded statement or threaten to void your coverage. In these instances, it can be beneficial to consult an attorney prior to doing so, especially if you have experienced serious injuries or your property has suffered significant damage.

Be Polite. Be Courteous. Be Careful.

When speaking to your company, being polite and straightforward is important, and you should be careful not to divulge any more than what is absolutely necessary. Often, stating the facts may be the best way to proceed:

  • State that you were in an accident
  • Mention any injuries
  • Share the insurance information of other parties, if applicable

Beyond this, you may be placing yourself at a long-term disadvantage, particularly if you divulge your role in the accident.

In most instances, conferring with an attorney can help set you up for success, particularly if you involve an experienced lawyer who can negotiate on your behalf.

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