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Handling The Most Serious Of Personal Injury Cases

The MGM Attorneys, in Baton Rouge, have 25 years of experience handling the most complex and difficult of personal injury cases. Our services include providing representation to those who suffer extremely serious injuries. Whatever the circumstances, we are willing to take your matter to court while seeking the maximum amount of compensation.

Locating The Compensation You Need And Deserve

Severe and catastrophic injuries can result in permanent and lifelong consequences. Such injuries will likely involve long-term hospitalization and rehabilitative services. Injuries such as paralysis and traumatic head injuries may prevent you from ever working again. The expenses for medical treatment and daily care can be exorbitant. And calculating past, present and future damages, including pain and suffering, can be extremely difficult.

Our attorneys are here to serve you. We provide representation in cases involving:

  • Traumatic brain injuries. The brain is our most important organ. It is also extremely delicate, and predicting the outcome of such head injuries is difficult. There is no such thing as a minor head injury. Even a simple concussion can lead to permanent consequences.
  • Burn injuries and electrocutions. Anybody visiting a burn unit knows the tremendous suffering that burn-injury victims suffer. Often, such injuries result in painful but necessary medical procedures. Especially in young children, disfigurement and scarring from burn injuries can result in lasting emotional trauma.
  • Amputations of arms and legs. The inability to use one’s arms or legs will significantly inhibit your freedom. Assessing such a loss is challenging as well. It’s important to have representation that can put such a loss into context.
  • Neck and back injuries, including paralysis. Our lawyers routinely represent victims of car accidents suffering from paraplegia and quadriplegia. Such injuries are unfortunately common following motor vehicle accidents. Such injuries are generally permanent and profoundly affect an individual’s ability to live their life fully.

If you suffer from severe and permanent injuries, we will aggressively fight for you. We will take into consideration your short- and long-term needs. When presenting your case, we will help juries and judges understand the extensive nature of your injuries. We will always be prepared to try your matter in court.

Let Us Help You

For representation by a skilled Louisiana personal injury attorney, contact our office by calling 225-250-1751. We provide free initial consultations.