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Helping The Victims Of Car Crashes Move Forward

Was your accident caused by defective auto equipment or a drunk driver? Did road defects contribute to the crash? The car wreck lawyers of MGM Attorneys, in Baton Rouge, will identify all responsible parties liable under Louisiana law to ensure the settlement or verdict fully compensates the victims.

Car Accidents Result In Serious Injuries

Motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death for Americans aged 5-34. Not cancer, not heart disease — driving. It’s something you do almost every day, and it’s more likely to kill you than anything else.

An auto crash is over in a moment, but the medical and financial problems may take months or years to resolve. You and your family may be dealing with painful and discouraging injuries or grief over the loss of a loved one following a catastrophic auto accident.

If your vehicle was badly damaged in the accident, you may have no transportation to get to work and to doctor appointments. Between mounting household and medical bills and insurance adjustors pressuring you to sign settlement offers, you can feel utterly alone.

An Experienced Louisiana Car Wreck Lawyer Will Help You Through The Rough Times

When preparing an accident claim involving serious injury or death, our Louisiana car wreck lawyers work with health care providers, accident reconstruction specialists and economic experts to prepare a thorough and compelling presentation for the jury. The goal is to determine the exact cause of your accident, so we can identify the sources of compensation.

Insurance companies know we prepare each case to go to trial. Our thorough, aggressive approach allows us to obtain the best result possible and to keep you informed about how to proceed at every stage of your case.

Before making important decisions that could affect the compensation you receive, contact MGM Attorneys to discuss your case with a Louisiana car wreck lawyer. Contact us by calling 225-250-1751.