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When Road Issues Cause Accidents

Though we often take it for granted, making the trip between work and home safely is no small accomplishment. Driving is dangerous enough with sleep-deprived, distracted or otherwise impaired motorists on the road, but hazardous highways and road defects substantially increase your odds of being involved in a devastating accident.

MGM Attorneys, in Baton Rouge, regularly handle motor vehicle accident cases. We can answer your questions and discuss your legal options.

How Road Defects Can Contribute To A Single-Vehicle Crash

A number of unsafe driving conditions may lead to single-car accidents:

  • Dangerous intersections
  • Poorly designed and maintained roads
  • Worn or damaged roadway markings

Say the vehicle next to you swerves into your lane, forcing you onto the shoulder. A poorly maintained shoulder could prevent you from correcting back onto the highway. You wind up in a single-vehicle accident with mounting repair costs, medical expenses and insurance rates, while the distracted driver gets off scot-free. If you have been injured on any of Louisiana’s roads, including I-10, I-12, Greenwell Springs Road or Highway 308, contact MGM Attorneys immediately to discuss your case.

The accident team at MGM Attorneys consults with some of the best accident reconstruction specialists in Louisiana. Road defects or other hazardous driving conditions could lead our traffic collision experts to determine a government entity was at fault. In some cases, we may file claims against multiple defendants for the same motor vehicle wreck.

Single-car accidents and other motor vehicle crashes are responsible for millions of serious personal injury cases every year. When unsafe road defects and driving conditions turn you into a statistic, our experienced accident lawyers give your case the personal attention it needs to get the best results possible.

If you believe hazardous road defects caused your single-car accident, contact MGM Attorneys today to set up a free consultation by calling 225-250-1751.