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Police officer's son charged in fatal drunk driving crash

For people who live in Louisiana, Mardi Gras is one of the most celebrated times of the year. Unfortunately, the celebratory atmosphere that is and should be associated with a Mardi Gras event can be quickly erased and replaced with a tragic one when even just one person makes a negligent choice. An example of this type of choice is the decision to get behind the wheel of a car after drinking

This is precisely the choice that was made by a man who turned 32 on the day of a Mardi Gras parade near the French Quarter in New Orleans this year. To make matters worse, the man is actually the son of a New Orleans police officer. A report by ABC 13 indicates that witnesses saw the driver speeding through traffic and veering to one side of the street to go around another vehicle. His car was allegedly seen spinning out in a median before he got out of his car and laid down on a sidewalk. He had to be awoken by bystanders.

Data exposes serious risks for pregnant women

Women in Louisiana who are pregnant and deciding where they will give birth should take this decision extremely seriously. As reported by USA Today, the rate of death among new mothers is on the rise in the United States with an estimated 700 women dying each year. Another 50,000 women experience serious injuries during or after childbirth

A further look into the matter reveals that hospital have all but been pawning off any responsibility in the matter. They allege that demographic factors outside their control are the reason for these problems. Women who have pre-existing conditions or who are poor are the ones being injured or dying, the hospitals have said. A new report shows this is not the full story for every hospital.

How long work days contribute to commercial truck crashes

If you have ever worked a 12-hour shift, you no doubt understand how exhausted you can feel after a long day at work. Even driving home after such a long shift can seem like a difficult task. Unfortunately, commercial truckers often have shifts that last for more than 12 hours.

The end result is often that they are on the road while exhausted and are thus unable to perform to their best abilities. That could mean increased collision risk for exhausted truckers and the people on the road at the same time as they are.

Why do some parents refuse vaccinations?

You have probably heard a lot about the anti-vaccination movement. It is a real issue in Louisiana and across the United States. The main problem is some parents refuse to have their children vaccinated, which leaves them vulnerable to catching and carrying diseases that have long ago been thought to be eradicated thanks to vaccines. There are many reasons why parents may forego vaccinating their child.

The National Institutes of Health explain there are four main reasons for vaccination refusal. Religious objection has been a long-standing reason. Some religions forbid medical intervention or interference, which includes not getting vaccinations. This is a rather small group of individuals and did not pose much of a risk to the general population.

Why do truck drivers have driving time restrictions?

The trucking industry has many regulations. They are mostly for the safety of the drivers and others on the road. This is true when it comes to driving time restrictions. While having to adhere to drive time rules may seem cumbersome or becoming frustrating at times, they are really one of the best ways regulators have to keep Louisiana roadways safe from drivers who are too tired to drive safely.

The United States Department of Transportation sets the drive time rules for all drivers in the country, according to Western Truck Insurance Services, Inc. These are the main restrictions placed on you when you drive a large truck. The intent is to prevent drowsy driving and allow you to have rest periods away from your truck.

Keep truckers from driving while distracted

When Louisiana truck drivers hit the road, it is important for them to be safe drivers. With long hours on the road and more technology in a truck cab, though, it may sometimes be difficult for truckers to keep their full attention on the road. Distracted driving can be dangerous and truckers need to know how they can be safe behind the wheel.

Some truck drivers may not think twice about using handheld devices on the road. Fleet Owner magazine says that when truckers get an email from their company, 45 percent think they need to read the email immediately. Many truck drivers also think it is all right for them to use their cellphones behind the wheel.

More medications recalled because of possible contaminants

When Louisiana residents take medications, they trust their doctor to prescribe a medicine which will improve their condition. Sometimes, however, there are problems with medications and in this situation, a company might choose to recall the drug.

Several pharmaceutical companies have recalled medications since the summer. The recalled drugs are heart failure and blood pressure medicines. On February 28, a pharmaceutical company added more medicines to the list of recalled drugs. All the recalled medications have an ingredient called losartan. Companies chose to recall the drugs because they include a compound which the drug manufacturers think may be a carcinogen. A university researcher who specializes in healthcare has said that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration typically requires drug manufacturers to report any contaminants they find in a medicine which might harm patients. However, sometimes pharmaceutical companies do not realize these potentially harmful compounds are in a medication until after patients have begun taking the drug.

Will your surgeon admit to making an error?

If you are like most Louisiana residents, you likely have undergone surgery at some point in your life. You may even have an upcoming surgery already scheduled. Naturally you expect your surgeon, and all the other members of the surgical team, to know what they are doing and to do it properly. You do not expect anyone to make a mistake.

Nevertheless, surgeons and other health care professionals are human beings who sometimes do make mistakes. If someone on the surgical team makes an error in connection with your surgery, however, will you even know it happened? Will they tell you about it? Per a recent CBS News report, they may well not

Not all drunk driving is obvious

It is illegal in Louisiana to drive a motorized vehicle of any kind while under the influence of alcohol. Unfortunately, individuals who do so may cause car crashes that result in severe bodily harm. If you sustained injuries in a car accident caused by an intoxicated driver, they might be liable. At MGM Attorneys, we have experience working with clients, preparing accident claims and identifying the compensation source.

According to Recovery Worldwide, not all intoxicated drivers exhibit visible signs of being under the influence. Even a low blood alcohol level can adversely affect cognitive skill, putting you and others on the road at risk. Although the lack of coordination is a common effect of alcohol, other skills also become impaired:

  • Less focus - Alcohol affects a driver’s attention span. As a result, they may swerve out of a travel lane into yours, fail to heed traffic signals or forget to check the mirror before changing lanes, increasing the likelihood of a crash.
  • Impaired judgment - Accurate assessment and response to unexpected situations are critical factors when driving. Alcohol hinders a driver’s ability to foresee possible issues and effectively make decisions for avoiding a collision with you.
  • Diminished vision - Blurry vision and inability to control eye movement are two facets of alcohol impairment. They prevent drivers from judging the distance between their vehicle and yours and can reduce peripheral vision.
  • Slower reaction time - It takes longer for the brain to process situational events when under the influence of alcohol. This increased response time can be the difference between avoiding an accident and colliding with a pedestrian or your car.

Universal protocol has not eliminated wrong-site surgeries

Having a surgical procedure can cause apprehension in Louisiana patients. You expect the team that cares for you while under anesthetic take the best care of you under such circumstances. However, if the unthinkable happens and the surgeon performs the wrong procedure or the correct procedure on the wrong body part, the results can be disastrous. At MGM Attorneys, we have experience representing clients with medical malpractice claims.

ConnectID by PDC Healthcare reports that there is an average of 50 cases per week of wrong-site surgeries in the U.S. The Joint Commission enacted the Universal Protocol 15 years ago to reduce the number of wrong-site, wrong-patient and wrong-procedure incidents. This protocol involves three primary steps.

  • The pre-procedure verification focuses on ensuring appropriate surgical room preparation. All equipment, documents and tools needed for the procedure are labeled and reviewed by the team, so the room is ready for you.
  • Site marking is frequently the responsibility of the surgeon. The patient is often included as part of the process, ensuring correct site notation on the body.
  • The time-out portion of the protocol provides the surgeon and the patient time for discussion regarding the procedure before it begins. All aspects are open for dialogue, and the patient may address any questions or concerns they have.

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