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Fighting Back Against Toxic Exposure

Businesses that handle toxic substances have a duty to properly treat and dispose of these materials so as not to endanger the health and well-being of local residents. Landfills and other hazardous waste sites are common sources of groundwater pollution, while drywall and other building materials contaminated by mold can cause serious health problems.

How can people expect to live, work and thrive when the air they breathe and the water they drink unnecessarily expose them to injury and disease?

Our Toxic Exposure Lawyers Protect You When Businesses Behave Irresponsibly

The toxic exposure lawyers of MGM Attorneys, in Baton Rouge, have extensive experience representing individuals who have been injured by exposure to toxic and other dangerous substances:

  • Improper disposal or storage of industrial waste
  • Groundwater contamination (such as from hazardous waste or hydraulic fracturing)
  • Mold contamination and other toxic construction materials
  • Benzene, asbestos and any other chemical exposure
  • Pesticides and fertilizers

Toxic Exposure Class Action

When corporations commit egregious errors, they often affect a large group of people. Our expertise includes class action claims against businesses and other entities responsible for harming the people of Louisiana through the negligent or improper handling of toxic substances.

Large corporations can’t walk all over you when our toxic exposure lawyers handle your cases. We have the litigation experience and resources necessary to pursue and successfully try these class action claims.

Monsanto Roundup Herbicide Lawsuits

Call the offices of MGM Attorneys today to discuss your toxic exposure claim with a qualified Louisiana toxic tort litigator at 225-250-1751 or send us an email.