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Fighting Back Against Dangerous And Defective Drugs And Devices

Many people throughout the country take prescription drugs every day. Many of us assume that if the FDA has approved the medication, it’s safe to take. This isn’t always true.

The FDA tests new pharmaceutical drugs on a small sample of patients before the drug is approved or not. Once it’s approved, millions of people start taking the drug, and adverse effects or complications only then start to become apparent.

Local Law Firm, National Scope

Our attorneys at MGM Attorneys, have decades of experience advocating for the rights of people in Louisiana who are taking or have taken a potentially dangerous prescription drug. While we are a local law firm located in Baton Rouge, we recognize that harmful and defective prescription drugs are a nationwide problem. That’s why our practice spans the U.S., assisting those injured and seriously hurt throughout our nation.

Even if the FDA approved the drug, it could still be dangerous and pose risks to many patients. It is important to take action now before you or your loved ones are harmed. Contact our law firm to discuss your rights and what legal action you can take.

We offer skilled litigation services, and we can handle your case in Louisiana or throughout the United States. We also handle multidistrict litigation lawsuits. We provide personalized service, and we will fight to get you the compensation you deserve.

Our attorneys at MGM Attorneys have experience litigating defective medical device cases in Louisiana and nationally. We can discuss your rights, see if you have a case and explore all your legal options to hold big corporations accountable for their dangerous actions.

Handling A Wide Variety Of Prescription Drug And Medical Device Cases

Our lawyers have handled many lawsuits involving a variety of prescription drugs and medical devices, including:

  • IVC filters placed surgically to prevent blood clots from traveling to the lungs and heart
  • Talc powder causing ovarian cancer
  • Transvaginal mesh
  • Zofran, used to treat morning sickness and which has been linked to birth defects
  • Tardive Dyskinesia, a disorder linked to several pharmaceutical drugs
  • Bair Hugger products, including the 3M Bair Hugger warming blanket that has been linked to MRSA and other serious infections
  • Risperdal, used to treat schizophrenia and bipolar disorder
  • Taxotere, a chemotherapy drug that has been linked with alopecia
  • Proton pump inhibitors (PPIs), drugs for kidney disease that have been linked to kidney damage
  • Benicar, a blood pressure medication

In addition, we have handled cases related to the following:

Contact Our Attorneys To Protect Your Health

Our law firm can review your medical records and see if you have a case. We have a registered nurse on staff who can address your health concerns. We offer free initial consultations. Call our Baton Rouge office at 225-250-1751 or submit your information online to see how we can help you.